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Election mailer targets Boyer

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"Berchauer had no qualms with the mailer."

That's it. That's the whole story right there. What else will she be comfortable doing if she's rewarded by voters and elected next week?

She runs a PRIVATE political consulting firm, which she has not indicated she will close if elected as Commissioner. How will she assure Yamhill County that her decisions as Commissioner will not be influenced by her clients at Leona Consulting?

Sheila B

Quote by current Yamhill County Commissioner Rick Olson, who is not running for re-election: “Much like when I ran against Commissioner Springer, I am appalled that any candidate would run a negative campaign such as what was done with the website and the recent mailing,” he said. “I am sure that Barbara could have brought up some past negative past information regarding her opponent, but elected not to.” Commissioner Olson is correct. Barbara Boyer would never be involved in such dirty politics as Lindsay Berschauer has demonstrated - even if indirectly. Quote from article: "Berschauer had no qualms with the matter." Boyer owned up to her arrest and shared this information publicly. Barbara Boyer is an honest person, running an honest campaign. The opposite of the Berschauer campaign. We need an honest and non partisan county commissioner in Yamhill County. That is Barbara Boyer - not Lindsay Berschauer.


Hmmm....Mailer came from that in Yamhill county?......guess not....


The paper trail seems clear that not only did Berschauer know about the website and mailer (in various public FB groups she denied she was behind it), but seems to be condoning it. Dirty politics has no place in a local, non-partisan position and our county can't afford another partisan hack.


Curious why anyone hasn’t asked the deep questions of why Barbara didn’t step down on her board positions or what community service she’s done to fix this?

I’m not a fan of the mailer Personally.

But now I’m very concerned that this level of unethical behavior was going on with an elected official and appears to have been kept secret.

Barbara says she “owned her past” but I would like to understand how she did so? Did she help at a sober facility? Did she mentor alcoholics? Did she lobby to get safe sober housing?

I haven’t seen any of this. What I have learned is that Barbara has lots of wineries (more alcohol) supporting her.


Maybe Commissioner Starrett would be available for comment now? She has commented here before.


I am not a Boyer supporter. My family supports Berschauer.

With that said I think the mailer was wrong and over the top as the website previously released was information enough for the people.
The county voters got the point.

The issue I have is that fact everyone keeps saying Boyer stepped up and took responsibility for her actions which is FALSE. Her DUII was 2013 it took until 2015 to clear it up because she did NOT take responsibility. Actually went to jail for NOT taking responsibility.

Then she did NOT let the voters know her past record from day one when she entered the race for a PAID position with our tax dollars. We as voting tax payers have a right to know who we are elected into the seat and Boyer has been nothing but secretive.

Individuals are bashing Berschauer for large campaign funds; UHHH did you all miss the list of wineries funding Boyer. Fair is fair as to whom you acquire to endorse you during your campaign. Is it sad that this turned into mud slinging "dirty" politics in our small county YES, but I will never waiver in my belief that the voters of Yamhill County have a right to know about Boyers' past criminal history and DO NOT for one second try and convince me if the tables were flipped Boyer would not have released information on Berschauer.

The moral of this story is when you run for office you live in a fish bowl so you better damn well know how to swim.

Heidi Parker-AIM (Action In Mac)...because I do not hide from anyone!


Berschauer runs a GOP consulting business and this is what they do. Of course she is behind this mailer and website. She has also run a very dishonest campaign in general, and has tried to run on what amount to non issues (metro, increasing property taxes are two) instead of things that the commissioners actually do. She is an extreme far right candidate running against a true independent.


I have already marked and delivered my ballot. My vote was as strong an endorsement of Barbara Boyer as it was a repudiation of dirty out-of county influence on our local governance. We do not need a Starrett clone injecting a radical non-representative agenda into Yamhill County politics. I am keeping the faith that my fellow citizens will see through the slimy propaganda and not allow the BOC to be hijacked.


To Motherof3 and others.
Boyer's past was well recorded by this paper as well with numerous letters to the editors over the years decrying her continued leadership in her many volunteer committees supporting our local and state farmers. It was never secret. Lindsay wrote she was "shocked" to just find out about this issue. What is more shocking is someone who as a lobbyist is so poor at doing background research.
Additionally, one of Lindsey's ideas is a recovery HS. Recovery includes taking responsibility, making amends and moving forward. If you go to the Forward With Barbara FB page she accounts for her past. For Lindsey and her followers to not understand this while supporting her project is hypocritical at best. What we want from anyone who has made mistakes is to own them and move forward. That is our judicial system.
We need a leader who has actually demonstrated she knows how to research, learn and listen. Boyer has shown those skills over her decades of service to our community. Boyer has provided leadership in her many volunteer committees, has successfully run a farm/agribusiness for decades and started the successful Farmer's market. Boyer initiated the donation of leftover produce to YCAP.
Boyer relies on her ideas and issues to run her campaign and does not hide behind smear campaigns and "anonymous" pac groups. Boyer does not need to misstate the Sheriff's response in her initial campaign material, she does not need to mislead citizens about raising taxes - note, due to measure 50, taxes cannot be raised, they can only be lowered. Over 90% of Boyer's money has come from within the county. With Boyer we do not need to worry about outside influence or hidden clients. Boyer has been upfront about her long ties to this county, her ideas and abilities, and is who we need to lead us as we navigate the new world under this pandemic.

Christmas has Talons

Boyer's supporters act as though drunk driving hasn't maimed and killed 10,500+a year injuring another 300,000. They also act as though there hasn't been education about drinking and driving and PSA's for the last 40 years. my family has suffered at the hands of a drunk driver and I sure don't want someone with such a lack of self control to be in office. Her behavior and responses to it lack integrity and honesty. My family will be voting for Lindsay!

I'll part with other's on here who think the mailer was over the top and say I'm glad someone stood up for my family and other's affected by the selfishness and arrogance of drunk driving..


On a state wide ballot issue a few years back Lindsay had her argument against the measure placed in the ‘for’ section and when asked about it said basically ‘ the other side could have done the same. When she put up a billboard about the CRC a few years back, she refused to pay for using photos that were not hers to use. Why let her use yamhill county for her exploits? I think I’ve seen six addresses she has used as home over just the past five years. She only here to get somewhere else. Don’t be fooled!


Shame on you Lindsay B. Mud slinging has no place in local politics. You could have taken the high road, but you didn't. They say karma is a B***h. I hope this bites you on the rear.

Christmas has Talons

Thank you Lindsay for letting the public know about this. I know why liberals aren't happy it's because there is no moral base they need to work to be accepted by.

I am thankful when we find things like this out about conservative and libertarian candidates because I don't want them running and embarrassing me with their illegal behavior. It gives us a chance to run the loser out on a rail rather than have them taking votes from a deserving non- criminal candidate. There in lies the difference between liberals and conservatives I guess.


CubFan – agree with your post, but it appears that shame is not something that has any bearing on the candidate in question and the “high road” is totally unfamiliar territory to her.

Hey Talons – fascinating to read your pompous illogical judgements of “liberal” motivations. It is so acutely ironic that you worry others are “embarrassing” you. You obviously do not need any assistance in that area. It is no mystery that Berschauer appeals to you, and I do not believe that either of you represent true conservative ideals. What a relief!

Chris Chenoweth

Attack the messenger and insinuate shadowy connections? Good grief! The more appropriate title to this article should have been "We searched hard and found no connections between mailer and Berschauer campaign, but we will smear her anyway." It is terribly unfortunate to see another in kind contribution to a Democratic candidate in Yamhill County veiled as a news story in the NR.

Could it just be that there are people in this state that have an active reaction to someone with this history running for public office?

Yes, we all would prefer to not have this stuff in our mail box but blaming anyone but BOYER is missing the mark. It is her actions that are the real issue and rightly so. Had she even complied with diversion there would be no mailer!

Is anyone on here right or left really arguing that the voters did not have the right to this information before voting? Between the website and the NR “story” maybe 25% of the community were aware. This flier informed voters of information needed to make a solid hiring decision. Sure, it was hard hitting, but had it been a conservative candidate you can take it to the bank those mug shots would have actually appeared in the NR.

Drunk driving is a real issue in our country and the decision by the NR and leaders of this community on one ideological side to try to sweep repeat offenses under the rug because of ideological unity with a candidate is incredibly disappointing. To too many it is no big deal, it is just a mistake. For most, that doesn’t change until their family and friends are in an accident, and then it is too late. Shame on this paper for minimizing it for political expediency and smearing those who tried to address it. In 2016, the most recent year with stats, 1 person died every 50 minutes from drunk driving and Barbara Boyer couldn't even show up for classes that would have taught her why her behavior is dangerous. That says it all.


Barbara Boyer seems to have turned her life around. Ms Lindsey has an ugly heart and that is forever.


AMEN Bizzyditchaz

Jeb Bladine


Your outrage seems more personal than objective.

When did you first realize the News-Register is a left-leaning toady to the Democratic Party? Was it when you read our endorsements of Brian Boquist, Ron Noble and Mary Starrett? Perhaps when we supported George Bush, Mitt Romney, Bud Pierce, Dennis Richardson and Kim Thatcher?

Maybe you go back to earlier years when we endorsed Mark Hatfield, Bob Packwood, Norma Paulus, Gordon Smith, Chris Dudley, Rob Cornilles, Jim Weidner, Leslie Lewis and Kathy George, to name just a few. Did you notice our continuous criticism in recent years of actions by a too-liberal governor and the super-majority Democratic Legislature?

Along the way, we also have supported many Democratic candidates and some progressive causes. But whether supporting Republicans, Democrats, Independents, conservatives or liberals, the newspaper political commentaries are transparent statements about reasons for the endorsements.

We respect and appreciate your passionate feelings toward DUIs. But those legitimate personal passions should not be used as weapons of political misrepresentation.


It was an unfortunate advertisement. I hope that those that are less fortunate will see this and understand that Barbara will be able to empathize with those who have had to deal with the Yamhill County courts.

Chris Chenoweth

Mr. Bladine,

Thank you for your response. I do not back down on my assertions, whether an emotional basis exists or not. They are accurate and timely. While there was a personal experience that led me to speak out on this issue that does not change what is just common sense. If a person has such disregard for the safety of others that they are willing to repeatedly drink and drive and to boot is unwilling to obey a judge they do not qualify for a position such as County Commissioner. I have met Barbara and she was nice and kind, I hope she genuinely has learned her lesson. Sitting on the Board of Commissioners is not the place for us to find out.

Jeb Bladine

As clarification to my previous response to Chris Chenoweth:

That post listed a record of diverse political candidate endorsements by the newspaper over many years. However, Mr. Chenoweth’s post actually involved a different kind of accusation – bias in news coverage based on political ideology.

Perceived bias in news and information reporting is pervasive from many sides of today’s politically charged atmosphere and often intertwined with individual biases of the reader. A complex discussion to tackle effectively in this kind of forum.

Meanwhile, readers following this particular story can decide for themselves if the article was a smear on one candidate whose campaign had no connection to the controversial mailer.

We appreciated Mr. Chenoweth's response.

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