Hanging on to reminders helps preserve memories of loved ones as well as commonplace and extraordinary experiences


Senate leader's legacy faces critical crossroads in Salem

An open letter to Oregon state Sen. Peter Courtney: Sen. Courtney, your long and venerated political legacy is at a crossroads. After decades of service in the Oregon Legislature, now in your fifth term ...

When we stand idly by we facilitate evil deeds

Modern American history is marked by a series of massacres perpetrated by angry, disturbed loners unable to form coherent thoughts or forge meaningful relationships. They typically turn out to be young, ...

The local opt-out on pot a workable compromise

The local control element inserted into House Bill 3400, as a compromise between primarily urban Democrats and largely rural Republicans, helped send a legalized marijuana implementation measure through ...

Starrett on right track with water task force

Last year, global water temperatures reached their highest level ever recorded, and land temperatures the fourth highest. The 21st century has already produced 13 of the world’s 15 hottest years. The ...

Party politics erased from editorial masthead

For nearly 90 years, the News-Register and its Telephone-Register predecessor declared themselves “An independent Republican newspaper” on their editorial page masthead. Effective today, for ...

Testing opt-out legislation little more than a cop-out

By the time you read this, the Oregon Senate may have sent HB 2655, a standardized testing opt-out enabler, to Gov. Kate Brown. And with an eye to a looming campaign dependent on Oregon Education Association ...

E-cigarette law leaves users out in the cold

Despite plenty of public outcry, there seems little hope for e-cigarette users to escape the web of regulations imposed on tobacco smokers. Most jurisdictions seem intent on applying the same restrictions ...

City needs to get serious about downtown parking

America’s long-standing love affair with the auto shows no signs of souring. Neither does McMinnville’s long-standing love affair with downtown tourism and commerce. That situation puts the ...

Let's take antibiotics out of livestock feed

Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming, toiling at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, discovered the infection-fighting properties of the penicillium mold in a hallelujah moment heralded on Sept. ...

Ongoing vaccination coverage proves need for more education

The debate over childhood vaccinations shows no sign of slowing. While a head-scratching majority and vocal minority continue the discourse, however, we’ll continue to support measures erring on ...


Letters to the Editor: June 26, 2015

Letters submitted by Merilyn Reeves, Scott Gibson, Preston C. Henry, and Beverly King

Letters to the Editor: June 19, 2015

Letters submitted by Dan Hilbert, Gerald L. Painter, Anna Pearl Johnson, Kerry Wolfe, Darlene Bratcher, David Terry, and Berniece Owen.

Letters to the Editor: June 12, 2015

Letters submitted by Andrew Davis, Dorothy Mayes, Mike Myrick, Vern Holm, Betty Damewood, and Don Schaeffer

Letters to the Editor: June 5, 2015

Letters submitted by J.W. Milligan and Terry L. Davis

Letters to the Editor: May 29, 2015

Letters submitted by Donna Jean and Jim McDaniel, Hayley DeHaan, Jim Parker, Sally L. Godard, and Scott Gibson

Letters to the Editor: May 22, 2015

Letters submitted by Philip Newman and Susan Allen.

Letters to the Editor: May 15, 2015

Letters from Darrell King, Ed and Candy Gormley, Sara Meyer, Kathie Oriet, Lauri L. Lewis, David Blanchard, Jeff Lorton, and Marlene Tebo

Letters to the Editor: May 8, 2015

Letters submitted by Tara Rich, Mark and Lori McBryde, Mel DeGraw, Ruth Gaskin, Andrew Davis, Stan Primozich, and John W. Englebrecht

Letter to the editor - May 1, 2015

A letter from Terry Davis

Letters to the Editor - April 24, 2015

Letters from A.K. Cardinal, Tim Roberts, Gene White and Kathy Cabe


Illustrated Editorials

Editorial cartoons do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the News-Register.

Others Say: Let's repair fire spending spiral

Congress could repair fire spending spiral The cost of fighting megafires in Oregon and other western states has skyrocketed in recent years, devouring funds that the U.S. Forest Service and Bureau of ...

Haight/Morrow: Try your hand at filmmaking

Would-be movie directors enter short film festivals for honest feedback and a chance for recognition

Legalized pot has many rules, risks

We knew nothing about marijuana 50 years ago at high school graduation time. We never watched the 1936 propaganda movie, “Reefer Madness,” and we didn't know the federal Marijuana Tax Act of ...

Jeffrey Lopez: Becoming a better father

Too many dads ignore their feelings and consequently alienate their children Father’s Day turned 100 years old in 2010. What a wonderful time to honor our dads! A Spokane, Washington, woman is ...

Jeb Bladine: Salem rule-makers march in lockstep

There are 53 Democrats in the Oregon Legislature: 35 in the House and 18 in the Senate. This year, they have ruled the state from political and social perspectives more one-sided than I can remember in ...

Scott Phoenix: Retiring teacher reflects on praiseworthy place of learning

By Scott Phoenix I want to thank the communities of McMinnville and Lafayette for the opportunity to teach their children over the course of 37 years at Patton Middle School, formerly known as McMinnville ...

Don Iler: Old things, old photos

Hanging on to reminders helps preserve memories of loved ones as well as commonplace and extraordinary experiences

Jeb Bladine: Fireworks memories include great one-liner

A new era for Fourth of July fireworks in McMinnville will burst across the skies above Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum at an event cosponsored by Evergreen and the McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce. ...

Jeb Bladine: Change pending for modest growth rates

Growth means change, and change can create community angst. But be forewarned, the changes in Yamhill County due to population growth in the first half of this decade are nothing compared to what might ...

'Hams' connect us with the world, even without electricty

Ever since Marconi tinkered with wireless transmissions in the early 1900s, people have been fascinated with communicating through the airwaves. Today, there are over 700,000 amateur radio licenses issued ...

Others Say: June 5, 2015

Premature to divert prison program funding to schools In 2013, the Oregon Legislature did a good thing. Faced with a soaring prison population projected to cost the state $600 million over 10 years for ...

Christine Anderson: Small farmer takes big step

McMinnville farm fights for right to freely advertise a legal product: raw milk

Cassie Sollars: 'Little' town steals her heart

Move to McMinnville changed life significantly for Downtown Association manager

Jeb Bladine: Pay out the 'kicker,' then look at change

Most people agree it’s smart to set aside funds in a rainy day savings account. But, apparently, that good advice is lost on Oregonians as it relates to their state government. We already have a ...

Scott Gibson: Quit wasting your money

Nutritional supplements: A road to nowhere with unregulated, untested, bogus, ineffective products

Others Say: May 22, 2015

Renovating our state Capitol building will be quite expensive Would you spend $337 million to redo a cake that has a bowling trophy on top? That description of the Oregon State Capitol might well send ...

Speed all-important in medical response

Sudden onset of serious medical symptoms associated with either heart attacks or strokes should be considered the starter’s gun that triggers a dash to emergency medical care. Thursday’s lead ...

Jeb Bladine - PERS reprise adds context to statistics

Let’s begin where we left off a week ago, with this admittedly acidic comment about past policies of Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System: “An unknown group of decision-makers, ...

Rebecca Geist: Keeping kids safe

Most of us worry about our children’s behavior at some point. We wonder whether moodiness or angry responses to our questions are normal adolescence or something deeper. While it may be an important ...

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