Move to McMinnville changed life significantly for Downtown Association manager


Let's take antibiotics out of livestock feed

Scottish biologist Alexander Fleming, toiling at St. Mary’s Hospital in London, discovered the infection-fighting properties of the penicillium mold in a hallelujah moment heralded on Sept. ...

Ongoing vaccination coverage proves need for more education

The debate over childhood vaccinations shows no sign of slowing. While a head-scratching majority and vocal minority continue the discourse, however, we’ll continue to support measures erring on ...

Affordable housing cries for multi-pronged effort

On every level — city, county, state and nation — we are facing an acute shortage of affordable housing. Several forces combined to create the problem, so several will have to be harnessed ...

It's time to revise kicker law to boost state rainy day fund

Everyone enjoys a little extra pocket change. So it’s likely welcome news for most that Oregon’s one-of-a-kind tax kicker has been triggered, promising families an average of about $300 back ...

Don't wait for emergencies to begin conserving water

Snowpack and water level statistics for Northwestern Oregon are alarming. But take a drive over the Cascade Range, and you’ll see an eye-opening picture of just how deep the state’s water problem ...

Police video secrecy an unwarranted step

Though hard counts aren’t available, most analysts agree that more than 1,000 Americans are felled by police gunfire annually. On the other side of the ledger, hard counts are available, and they ...

YCAP in safe hands as it ushers in new leader

There are two ways to view the looming shift in the Yamhill Community Action Partnership helm from Lee Means to Jeff Sargent. In one, the reins are being passed by a woman from a McKenzie River logging ...

Fine lessons to extract from local multi-generational wine

When David Lett christened the region’s first pinot noir vines in 1965, it represented the birth of an industry that has become practically synonymous with the Yamhill Valley by the dawn of the 21st ...

It's deja vu all over again with Mac sports complex

Imagine that William T. Newby, who founded McMinnville, had been forced to contend with today’s land use process when he set out to erect a grist mill on Cozine Creek in 1853. Having enjoyed eight ...

YCOM deal a step in the right direction

The agreement approved two weeks ago between Yamhill County’s board of commissioners and the Yamhill Communications Agency’s budget committee represents a major development — one that ...


Letters to the Editor: May 29, 2015

Letters submitted by Donna Jean and Jim McDaniel, Hayley DeHaan, Jim Parker, Sally L. Godard, and Scott Gibson

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Letters submitted by Philip Newman and Susan Allen.

Letters to the Editor: May 15, 2015

Letters from Darrell King, Ed and Candy Gormley, Sara Meyer, Kathie Oriet, Lauri L. Lewis, David Blanchard, Jeff Lorton, and Marlene Tebo

Letters to the Editor: May 8, 2015

Letters submitted by Tara Rich, Mark and Lori McBryde, Mel DeGraw, Ruth Gaskin, Andrew Davis, Stan Primozich, and John W. Englebrecht

Letter to the editor - May 1, 2015

A letter from Terry Davis

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Illustrated Editorials

Editorial cartoons do not necessarily reflect the viewpoints of the News-Register.

Cassie Sollars: 'Little' town steals her heart

Move to McMinnville changed life significantly for Downtown Association manager

Jeb Bladine: Pay out the 'kicker,' then look at change

Most people agree it’s smart to set aside funds in a rainy day savings account. But, apparently, that good advice is lost on Oregonians as it relates to their state government. We already have a ...

Scott Gibson: Quit wasting your money

Nutritional supplements: A road to nowhere with unregulated, untested, bogus, ineffective products

Others Say: May 22, 2015

Renovating our state Capitol building will be quite expensive Would you spend $337 million to redo a cake that has a bowling trophy on top? That description of the Oregon State Capitol might well send ...

Speed all-important in medical response

Sudden onset of serious medical symptoms associated with either heart attacks or strokes should be considered the starter’s gun that triggers a dash to emergency medical care. Thursday’s lead ...

Jeb Bladine - PERS reprise adds context to statistics

Let’s begin where we left off a week ago, with this admittedly acidic comment about past policies of Oregon’s Public Employees Retirement System: “An unknown group of decision-makers, ...

Rebecca Geist: Keeping kids safe

Most of us worry about our children’s behavior at some point. We wonder whether moodiness or angry responses to our questions are normal adolescence or something deeper. While it may be an important ...

PERS decision will drive budget talks

Oregon’s Supreme Court last week gutted 2013 legislative efforts to reduce costs of the Public Employees Retirement System, and it didn’t take long to see the results. One government official, ...

Sharon Morgan: Public art, engaging people

One of McMinnville's newest pieces of public art was created specifically for the new transit station If the goal of public art is to engage people, then two pieces of McMinnville’s inventory of ...

Jeb Bladine: Save us from the evil corporations

Want more evidence that the Oregon Legislature has degenerated into ultimately dangerous levels of partisanship? Look no further than Wednesday’s passage of the obscure HB 2832 by the House of Representatives. As ...

Others Say: May 1, 2015

Policy differences lead to recall efforts Recall campaigns usually run out of gas before they reach the ballot, but there seems to be some juice in the tank for the effort to kick three state representatives ...

Dave Robinson: Know what to do during an earthquake

By Dave Robinson Periodically, we read of earthquakes off our coast in the 2.5 to 4.0 range. They rarely generate any trouble for us. These are viewed as either practice for the “Big One” ...

Hayley Collins: Hope in the darkness

For 18 years, local nonprofit works steadfastly to prevent child abuse and help victims recover

Marie Vicksta: People spoke, legislators acted

Soil and Water District celebrates Earth Day all year with activities to protect the local environment Throughout the 1960s, the American environmental movement was building momentum and gaining support. ...

Jeb Bladine: Protect access to body cam videos

Oregon legislators are struggling with issues related to police body cams, and they have plenty of company throughout the country. It’s a hot topic nationally due to a steady stream of reports about ...

Others Say: Governor must make compromises to pass transportation bill

Kudos to Gov. Kate Brown for highlighting the state’s congested roadways in her first State of the State Address. “These issues are real, and they are statewide,” Brown said Friday. Solving ...

Jeb Bladine: Tragic death puts spotlight on caution

When a 41-year-old McMinnville man suffered serious injury in a March 31 crash at Fourth and Evans streets in downtown McMinnville, my mind jumped in two directions: First, I was transported 40 years ...

Others Say: April 17, 2015

Need to tighten rules for forest spraying A legislative proposal to protect residents of rural areas against exposure to herbicides sprayed on private forest lands has been sent to a work group, ostensibly ...

Leonard Finkelman: Making sense of scientific facts

By drawing conclusions from observations of the world, philosophy cannot help but be irrevocably connected to science

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