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"Stopping By:" A reporter who knows that everyone has an interesting story to tell welcomes suggestions.

Marcus Larson/News-Register ##  Mary Kathleen Drew and her husband, Bill, moved to rural Yamhill last yard and are using straw bales to improve their garden soil.

Stopping by: The straw solution

Before she could plant broccoli and Brussels sprouts, Walla Walla sweets and summer squash, leeks and lettuce, Mary Kathleen Drew needed to prepare the soil. And before she could prepare the soil, she ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register ## McMinnville’s Rita Turner Milton talks about working as a riveter in a factory that made tail assemblies for airplanes during World War II.

Stopping by: Riveting story

Just before Rita Turner Milton graduated from McMinnville’s Lincoln High School, industrial arts teacher Jack Greiner invited her and other girls to take a shop class. The shop was usually boys’ ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register ## 
J.P. and Amelia Bierly of Bierly Brewing, 624 N.E. Third St., live in McMinnville with their sons, Jamie, 2, and Felix, 5. Their older boy is the namesake for their best selling brew, Felix Pilsner.

Stopping by: Brewer, Baker go against the grain

Amelia Bierly, who owns Bierly Brewery with her husband, brewmaster J.P. Bierly, was in her 30s before she ever tasted a malted milk ball or a soft pretzel — and then she had to bake them herself. Amelia ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register ##  Juliette’s House board member and volunteer Larry Kurtz sits with some of the stuffed animals that comfort children when they visit the assessment center.

Stopping By: The right volunteer for the job

Retired teacher Larry Kurtz was working as a medical transcriptionist in Salem when he noticed a News-Register posting for a very specific type of volunteer. Juliette’s House, the Yamhill County ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register ## Landscape painter Erin Hanson shows off how her open impressionistic style captures blooms at the Woodburn Tulip Festival. Her brush strokes never overlap.

Stopping by: 'Endless paintings'

Driving from her new home in Amity to her studio in McMinnville, landscape artist Erin Hanson notices daffodils and oaks, green fields and hills, moody sky and rainbows. “I see 10 or 12 ...

Marcus Larson News-Register ## Gary Musselman started learning his trade as a young teen when he visited his grandfather at Buck’s Upholstery. “He let me make stuff,” Gary said. William “Buck” Musselman started the McMinnville shop 75 years ago.

Stopping by: Recovering the past

When he was a teenager, Gary Musselman often stopped by his grandfather’s upholstery shop on his way home from classes at McMinnville Junior High School or McMinnville High.  “He let ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register## Woodcarver Bob Lunt spends time in his garage workshop, where he create all his figures.

Stopping By: Carving out a 30 year hobby

Donna Lunt disagrees with her husband on one point.  Bob Lunt claims he has no artistic talent or creativity. Donna says he does, and most people would agree she’s right. Bob, a 1952 Linfield ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register ## Elide Sanchez Rivera s mother encouraged her to read as a child by buying her books of her own. Now working for the statewide SMART program Sanchez Rivera still has kept much of her childhood library.

Stopping by: Reading for life

As a child, Elide Sanchez Rivera stocked her own library with books she received as birthday and Christmas gifts. She treasured volumes such as “Dragon’s Keeper” and “The Homework ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Bernie and Roz Turner show photos from their wedding in 1952 and their 25th anniversary in 1977. In January, they celebrated 69 years of marriage and telling each other  I love you  many times a day.

Stopping By: A long romance

When Roz Turner attended a “get acquainted” night at Ottawa University in September 1948, she noticed a good-looking lad who was a fellow member of the freshman class. And Roz, in turn, caught ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register## Retired veterinarian Eric Witherspoon and his wife, Artist Annie Witherspoon - here at their home northwest of Yamhill - have supported each other since they met in college. They moved to Oregon in 1980 to open the Carlton vet Clinic.

Stopping by: Creatures great and small

Now retired, longtime Carlton vet fulfilled his 'James Herriot' dream

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Harry Fuller peers through a spotting scope for a closer look at a large group of birds resting at Baskett Slough. He suggests new birdwatchers use binoculars with at least 8x40 power.

Stopping by: Pecking order

Edges are the best places to view birds — where the edge of a city meets the edge of a forest or where the water meets the land, according to master birdwatcher Harry Fuller. Edges contain a buffet ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register## Merica Ribali of McMinnville, a student at Western Oregon University, joins an evening prayer session at Church on the Hill.

Stopping by: Prioritizing prayer

Standing in a pew near the front of the Nazarene Church on the Hill’s sanctuary, Tina Chase lifted her hands high in the air as she began to pray. Raising her hands to God is “kind of a surrender,” ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register ## Leland Payne would rather spend time on his land among the trees, birds and wildlife, than he would sitting down for a newspaper interview.

Stopping by: For Yamhill tree farmer LeLand Payne, nature has always been the best teacher

LeLand Payne remembers walking over the hills and through the woods northwest of Yamhill as a boy in the late 1930s and ‘40s. He enjoyed every step — and he still does as he ...

Marcus Larson/ News-Register ## World War II Navy veteran Steve Bellanco holds a photo of himself not long after joining the Navy in 1943. Soon the 18-year-old he joined 10,000 others on a troop ship headed for the South Pacific. The trip was the first time he d seen the ocean.

Stopping by: A young man in the South Pacific

Christmases and New Year’s Days went by without much notice when Steve Bellanco was serving in the South Pacific during World War II. “We had the usual food, wholesome but nothing special,” ...

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