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Rusty Rae/News-Register##Emmy, Leah and Cody Wilson think they’ll score a bull’s eye with their new business, West Coast Axe, located on First Street in McMinnville. Throwing axes offers “stress-relief, competition and, most of all, fun,” Leah says.

Stopping By: Opening axe

Watching her daughter, Emmy, aim tomahawks during Boy Scout camp gave Leah Wilson the idea for a new cutting-edge business: West Coast Axe. “For stress-relief, competition and, most of all, fun,” ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Laurien Hamilton enjoys spending time in her backyard. A health care program manager, she calls herself an extrovert by training but an introvert by nature.

Stopping By: Quieting the mind

Sometimes we run into barriers that stop us or slow us down. To McMinnville resident Laurien Hamilton, the most daunting barriers are emotional ones we impose on ourselves or accept when others thrust ...

Marcus Larson / News-Register ## Derek Easterday spearheaded an Eagle Scout project to clean up the area around the windsock at the McMinnville Airport and repaint the surrounding markers in orange and white, so pilots can see them better.

Stopping by: Scout aims for ‘work that I’m proud of’

  When 9-year-old Derek Easterday became a Cub Scout, he was probably thinking more about fun and friendship with fellow members of Pack 454 than about community service. But as he grew ...

Rusty Rae / News-Register ## 
Patty and Rick Sorensen have roots in the UK. The sheep remind them of those roots, as well as greet visitors.

Stopping by: Creature features

Birds flock to the Patty and Rick Sorensen’s yard, turning the expansive garden into an avian version of Carnegie Hall. “I love their song,” Patty said, watching and listening ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register ## Artist Tricia Wente, pictured in her Lafayette studio, used pastels to create her portrait of 2018 Rose Festival Queen Kiara Johnson.

Stopping By: Personalities in paint

LAFAYETTE — Tricia Heiser Wente has painted portraits of children, businessmen, families, even royalty — one of her more recent works is the official portrait of 2018 Rose Festival ...

Marcus Larson / News-Register ## Nelva and Jesus Galvin and their youngest daughter, Sophia, at their Mazatlan restaurant. Sophia is starting to help out in the restaurant, as are her older siblings, Salma and Alan.

Stopping by: like Mamá made

When Jesus Galvan was a child in Cuautla, a small town in Mexico, he asked his mother to teach him to cook. That was unusual for a boy in the state of Jalisco, on Mexico’s west coast. Tradition ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register ##
Renee Belt pauses with Ruby during a walk in the lush grass near FitzGerald Farms. This is the third horse Renee has trained through Oregon Teens & Mustangs, a program that teaches young people horsemanship skills and helps the wild horses learn to feel comfortable with humans.

Stopping by: Wildest dreams

Both Renee Belt, a Yamhill teenager, and Ruby, a mustang born wild in Eastern Oregon, were nervous when they first met. Now they are BFFs. Fourteen weeks later, the only thing worrying Renee is ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register ##
Chloe the mule, with friend Alvin the pony in the background, loves giving rides to Jessica Reber and her 2 1/2-year-old daughter, Hazel. Chloe is a gentle, patient animal, Reber said.

Stopping By: Hybrid vehicle

  Chloe is looking forward to some fun: Many other mules and horses will be joining her at the Flying M Ranch for the Oregon Mule Skinners’ 35th annual Memorial Day Trail Ride. Just ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register##
Dave Merz, who runs Carlton Valley Honey, offers three varieties in his shop, all named for the flowers from which his bees collect nectar: poison oak, forest flowers and blackberry.

Sweet as honey

Dave Merz’s great-great-grandparents kept bees in Switzerland before they immigrated to the U.S. in the 1880s. Two generations later, Merz donned a protective hood and jacket and became a beekeeper ...

The buzz on bees and honey

* Bees can't see white or red. Beekeepers often uses hives that are white so they appear neutral, and non-threatening, to bees. Merz paints his hives pale yellow, aqua, green and gray to help his bees ...

Shop offers Carlton Valley Honey

Three kinds of honey are available from Dave Merz's Carlton Valley Honey shop. They are named for the flowers from which bees gathered nectar to make the honey: Poison oak, blackberry and wild forest. ...

News-Register file photo ##
Margaret “Marg” Johansen was known among fellow weavers for her innovative techniques and artistic eye. The longtime McMinnville resident died in 2004, the year this photo was taken.

Stopping By: Woven legacy

Katia Johansen, a textile conservationist who worked for the Danish royal family, flew from Denmark to Oregon in April to look at the tapestries created by her mother, the late Margaret Johansen. Well-known ...

Rusty Rae/News-Register ##
Marilyn MacGregor, Susanne Beukema and Pat Fritz, co-chairs of the Yamhill County Master Gardeners’ annual plant sale, prepare for the event.

Stopping by: Transplants thrive in gardening wonderland

Gardening in Oregon is a joy, according to Yamhill County Master Gardeners Susanne Beukema, Pat Fritz and Marilyn MacGregor. The three women don’t say that lightly. Their words are backed ...

Marcus Larson/News-Register ##
McMinnville High School senior Molly Janssen said she’s proud of herself and her friends for learning to stand up for themselves and persevere. Directing this year’s Mission Mac High pageant gave her a confidence boost.

Stopping by: Center stage and behind the scenes

Mac High senior finds purpose in performing arts Molly Janssen loves putting on a show, whether that means singing on stage at Gallery Theater or directing the action for the Mission Mac High ...

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