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The News-Register Press Club, est. January 2024, is a premium addition to your newspaper subscription. Along with the benefits listed in the product details, your membership dollars go toward supporting a healthy, independent local news organization for Yamhill County. Press Club membership runs for 12 months and is separate from your regular News-Register subscription. 

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The traditional business model for newspapers is broken

A decline in advertising revenue has led to the closure of 2,500 newspaper in the United States since 2005. Additionally, chain ownerships have acquired surviving community newspapers in bargain sales; attained payback by eliminating management and most reporting staff; and will, when finances dictate, discard many of them onto the scrapheap of journalism history.

Our challenge is to build a new business model that can sustain local ownership and operation of the News-Register. And you can help with purchase of either a Partner or Premium membership to the N-R Press Club. 

After purchasing an N-R Press Club Membership, you will receive an email with further information about your membership and how to utilize the benefits offered.

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