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The News-Register welcomes written opinions about the newspaper and local issues.

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- With rare exceptions, campaign-related letters are not accepted from political candidates, their family members or paid campaign staff.
- As a rule, we do not publish letters about conflicts between a private individual and a private business, or letters about the alleged guilt, innocence or evidentiary accuracy of legal/judicial cases.
- The deadline for publication Friday is noon Wednesday.

- Submit to: Readers’ Forum, News-Register, PO Box 727, McMinnville, OR 97128; by fax at 503-472-9151; by e-mail at; or in person at 611 N.E. Third St., McMinnville.

2020 Election Candidate Endorsement Guidelines

- During the 2020 general election season, the News-Register is limiting candidate endorsement letters to only N-R subscribers with at least a 1 month subscription. Non-subscribers can click here for a subscription.

- Endorsement letters will run in full in the print edition of Viewpoints as space permits; all others will be referenced in print and run online.

- The News-Register is also offering paid endorsement letters that will run in the news section. For more information, go to

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