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Berschauer wins commissioner's race

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Christmas has Talons

Boyer: “I don’t reward bad behavior.”
Curious if Boyer ever considered herself the one whose bad behavior was being rewarded by receiving votes? So you drunk drive twice, steal and lie to the voters by omission and still get some votes? Virtue signaling is only effective when staring with real virtue as a foundation.


Barbara Boyer: "I don't reward bad behavior."

Votes: Neither do we!

Heidi Parker-AIM (Action In Mac)


Congratulations Ms. Berschauer. I would still like to get questions answered on how and why the Yamhill County Water & Soil District did not address these, have Ms. Boyer step down as chair? Instead she continued to represent Yamhill County at the Dept of AG DESPITE being in jail, getting a fine and violating her diversion. Last year Ms. Boyer asked for some sort of salary. It was granted. The county taxpayers deserve to get these questions answered. I hope Ms. Boyer provides more insight on what she did to redeem herself. I was shocked and remain shocked that she didn't even step down from her positions during any of this.

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