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Berschauer wins commissioner's race

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Christmas has Talons

Boyer: “I don’t reward bad behavior.”
Curious if Boyer ever considered herself the one whose bad behavior was being rewarded by receiving votes? So you drunk drive twice, steal and lie to the voters by omission and still get some votes? Virtue signaling is only effective when staring with real virtue as a foundation.


Barbara Boyer: "I don't reward bad behavior."

Votes: Neither do we!

Heidi Parker-AIM (Action In Mac)


Congratulations Ms. Berschauer. I would still like to get questions answered on how and why the Yamhill County Water & Soil District did not address these, have Ms. Boyer step down as chair? Instead she continued to represent Yamhill County at the Dept of AG DESPITE being in jail, getting a fine and violating her diversion. Last year Ms. Boyer asked for some sort of salary. It was granted. The county taxpayers deserve to get these questions answered. I hope Ms. Boyer provides more insight on what she did to redeem herself. I was shocked and remain shocked that she didn't even step down from her positions during any of this.


Maybe she should go directly to Death Row.

Suns fan

Since Motherof3 is so intent on making sure that Barbara Boyer's feet are held to the fire, maybe he/she should explore filing an ethics complaint against Berschauer too. It appears that while she was serving on the Newberg Rural Fire board she was moving along an initiative to make NFD a permanent part of TVF&R. Since her court filings show that her and Mr. Sheppard were cohabitating and "in a relationship", this would mean that she had a direct conflict of interest as defined by Oregon statute since a member of her household stood to directly benefit from this action. He was employed by TVF&R. Did she recuse herself from any discussion on the action? Did she declare a conflict of interest in any board meetings? If not, she is/was in clear violation and should be investigated. How about it?


Your endorsement of Boyer failed to mention that Lindsay was a member of the Yamhill County Budget Committee. It appears Lindsays’ membership on the committee was omitted because it did not fit the narrative of point 4 of your endorsement of Boyer which was:
"(4) There is only one candidate with substantial local roots.”

…"Lindsay Berschauer is an Arizona transplant who settled in the Portland Metro Area before relocating to Newberg in 2015 and Carlton in 2019.”

The voters pamphlet also listed the following additional info for Lindsay Berschauer under Prior Governmental Experience and COMMUNITY SERVICE:
Prior Governmental Experience; Newberg Rural Fire Protection District Board, 2017-2018;

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Board Director, Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP); Board President, Building Excellent Schools Together (BEST); Government Affairs Council Member, McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce; Member, Oregon Women in Timber; Member, Chehalem Valley Chamber.

I was not familiar with either candidate prior to this election cycle. Your endorsement point regarding Lindsay as an outsider made no sense outside of showing bias for one candidate. Thus, I voted for Lindsay because she is fully engaged with the County and Communities in the County. Understanding the County Budget process and issues made Lindsay the most qualified candidate for County Commissioner Position 2. Your endorsement for this position did not consider or mention Lindsays’ current contributions to Yamhill County.

Ossie Bladine


Had we mentioned Lindsay’s experience in Yamhill County, it still would have fit the narrative that there was only one candidate with “substantial local roots.”

The editorial board (which Jeb’s not a part of) considered the items you listed as more resume builders for a commissioner run.

After moving to Wilsonville road (a Newberg address, but in Marion County) she ran for the fire board and was active through the annexation process into TVF&R.

Then in 2019 (according to her LinkedIn profile) she joined the McMinnville and Chehalem chambers, was appointed to the budget committee that February, and to the YCAP board (on which Mary Starrett sits) that March. In May, she reorganized her candidate committee from “Berschauer for Newberg Rural Fire Board” to “Friends of Lindsay Berschauer” (with a new Newberg address, matching the one in the civil suit mentioned above), showcased herself at community festivals that summer, changed her committee filing to a Carlton address Sept. 24 and then filed for her candidacy Sept. 26 (with Carlton physical address, but Newberg PO mailing address.).

So, your critique of the omission in the endorsement is a fair one. Budget committee and YCAP board experience is still valuable even if it's only one year's worth. But just wanted to provide a little perspective on the board’s considerations.


So...what does the Bible have to say about cohabiting? Thumbs up or thumbs down? I ask only because obviously we have some mighty pious people around here carrying stones with Ms. Boyer's name on them.

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