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Election Day arrives after unusual campaign season

Marcus Larson/News-Register##Yamhill County Clerk Brian Van Bergen fills out a form confirming the voting machine is working properly during a pre-election test last week.
Marcus Larson/News-Register##Yamhill County Clerk Brian Van Bergen fills out a form confirming the voting machine is working properly during a pre-election test last week.

The polls close at 8 p.m. and all mail-in ballots must be received by then. Drop boxes are available across the county and can be used until 8 p.m. As of Monday at noon, 28.7% of eligible voters had returned their ballots. County Clerk Brian Van Bergen said he expected turnout to top 40%.

In the Board of Commissioners race, candidates Lindsay Berschauer, a Carlton political consultant, McMinnville hay farmer Barbara Boyer and retiree David Wall of rural Newberg are each seeking a four-year term on the board responsible for guiding a $150 million annual budget, some 600 employees and the welfare of the county’s more than 107,000 residents.

Campaigning has been challenging in a time of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has compelled candidates to substitute door-to-door meetings and rallies for Facebook posts and livestreams.

The race also generated an anti-Boyer website and mailer that exposed Boyer’s arrest record going back to the ‘90s, creating a wave of public discourse over a candidate’s responsibility to reveal past criminal charges, the possibility of atonement, the value of endorsements, and the influence of campaign contributions and outside interests on a local campaign.

The position pays about $78,000. The winning candidate replaces Rick Olson, who declined to run again, citing “divisiveness” in politics and public life in Yamhill County that made it difficult to govern.

In the treasurer’s race, Paulette Alexandria of Carlton, Kris Bledsoe of Grand Island and Katie St. Ore of McMinnville are seeking to replace Mike Green in the part-time post that manages the county’s $50 million investment portfolio and pays $30,000 annually.

All three are on the county’s Investment Advisory Committee and have a variety of investment experience.

Turnout has been trending “slightly above our average,” Van Bergen said Monday.

However, he said he can’t be sure if the trend will continue and “we’ll end up with a higher than average turnout (our average is 44.2%)” or “just our normal ballots turned in early.”

“Tuesday night looks hectic while we try to keep all of our Election Board workers safe and healthy (i.e. 6-feet apart) as well as all of our Drop Site Closing teams,” he said. “Once we have all our ballots in the building and 8 p.m. comes and goes, then we can focus on processing all the ballots and get results pushed out for folks to see.”

Van Bergan offered one last piece of advice for voters waiting until the last minute: Please remember to properly sign your ballots.

“We can’t count their ballots unless their signatures match their voter file. So, don’t forget to sign, and when you do, sign with your natural signature (not the one you use at Starbucks),” he said.




Challenging campaign? I do not think so! I think all the candidates did an outstanding job adjusting quickly, forming online Zoom events and they still held their debate which went well (Wall was a no show of course).

In this day in age with Social Media and cell phones with WiFi glued to everyone's palms it was much easier for the canidates to get their message out to their constituents in 2020 then had the pandemic hit in the 80s.

I think they both (I do not count Wall he so not engaged participated). Performed their campaigns true to their individual nature.

My family is VERY proud of Lindsay Berschauer and Paulette Alexandria and we are in HIGH hopes they both will win against a career criminal and Casey Kulla's mother-in-law that tells candidates to "Go drink bleach that will fix you." On a public forum then has Boyer claim Bledsoes account was hacked at the same time Bledsoe is posting a public apology. 🤦‍♀️

Berschauer will be an amazing county Commissioner and is exactly what this county needs. A fresh face with a fresh perspective while keeping our local farmers, seniors and small businesses at the forefront of her "agenda".

Has Boyer been here a long time? Yes, Is Berschauer fairly new to the area like I am? Yes! But, the "good 'o boys club" is just that "old". It is time to stir things up Yamhill and women are the best ones to get the job done!

Make sure you vote and may God watch over and protect our candidates as we eagerly await 8pm!

Heidi Parker-AIM (Action In Mac)


“ a career criminal”..??....c’mon...


You can proud of anyone you like, But leave us alone with such dirty remarks. I am so tired of it.

Christmas has Talons

This is what happens when a dying paper endorses a criminal it was the kiss of death.Endorsing a drunk driver what a gift you gave the other campaign.

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