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Berschauer wins commissioner race outright

Marcus Larson/News-Register
Marcus Larson/News-Register
Marcus Larson/News-Register
Marcus Larson/News-Register

[Updated Thursday 8:15 a.m.]

In unofficial results, with few votes left to be counted, Lindsay Berschauer's vote total has held well over over the 50% mark, making her Yamhill County's next commissioner. 

In the latest results, Berschauer has 15,622, or roughly 52% of the vote, to Barbara Boyer's 12,162 (about 41%) and David Wall's 2,118 (about 7%).

Berschauer will replace Rick Olson no the board, joining sitting commissioners Casey Kulla and Mary Starrett. 

Check back here and in Friday's paper for more reaction and election follow-up. 


[Updated Wednesday 2:45 a.m., and again at 2:10 p.m. and 4:20 p.m.]

Lindsay Berschauer extended her strong lead in the race for Yamhill County commissioner with 52.8% of the vote to 40.3% for Barbara Boyer, as the county released an updated ballot tally late Wednesday afternoon. She has been leading since the beginning and in each of the four rounds of ballot results released by the county.

With a third of the votes still to be counted, Berschauer had 10,933 votes, to Boyer's 8,333.

Berschauer said she was "very encouraged" by the results. However, she noted on Wednesday morning that "there are still ballots to be counted, so we are watching the returns closely today before making any statements."

If her lead holds, Berschauer will be the county’s next commissioner. A runoff occurs only if no candidates receive 50% of the total vote plus one.

Boyer said she is "not getting too anxious yet; I’m letting the clerk’s office do their job."

However, she said, "I’m really really proud of my team and the volunteers and the supporters, and it was a pure honor to run. I'm extremely proud of our integrity and the positive way in which we ran our campaign."

Third candidate David Wall received 1,424 votes, or 6.9%.

County Clerk Brian Van Bergen said 32,788 ballots were logged into the building Tuesday night, with 31,913 of those having matching signatures. He collected additional ballots from neighboring counties Wednesday morning, but that number has not yet been released.

Extra safety measures and fewer volunteers due to the COVID-19 were causing results to be released slower than normal, Van Bergen said early Wednesday.

Berschauer is a political analyst, Boyer is a hay farmer and Wall is a retired engineer.

Incumbent Rick Olson did not run for re-election for the nonpartisan job which helps guide the county's $150 million annual budget and some 600 employees. 

Although Wall has a few outspoken supporters, most voters seem to have focused their attention on Boyer and Berschauer, sparking impassioned letters to the editor from both sides.

The arguments intensified in May, after a Republican political action committee sent out a mailer targeting Boyer’s criminal history, which includes two DUIIs.

The mailer, by Capitol Watch Political Action Committee, coincided with an in-kind donation to Berschauer by the same PAC, for $10,000.

On the same day, May 12, Stimson Lumber Co. was recorded as giving a $10,000 in-kind donation to Capitol Watch. Stimson also donated $5,000 in cash to Berschauer's canmpaign.

Berschauer has raised $57,997 and spent $65,894 on her campaign as of Tuesday, taking out a loan for $2,000  just days ago.

Boyer raised $32,484, and spent $32,430.

Berschauer said she is running as the “working class champion.” She received particularly strong support from farmers opposed to the Yamhelas Westsider Trail, which she promised to oppose if elected.

Boyer, who is chair of the county Soil and Water Conservation District, is not registered with any political party, and said she would focus on agriculture, liveability, and bringing disparate groups together.

In the coming year, the county will face challenges from the fiscal fallout of the pandemic, and county Administrator Ken Huffer said earlier this month he may have to call the budget committee back into session, if things change drastically from when it approved the budget at the beginning of this month.



I am, at this point, disappointed with these returns. I hope others hope, as I do, that disgusting, despicable politicking will not be used In future elections.


Unfortunately, campaigning by tearing down an opponent rather than focusing on goals, plans and ideas seem to be the strategy these days.....


I have to agree with you Drew and tagup


Hey, I have an idea, how about thinking twice about running for elected office when you have a rap sheet as long as my arm. Don't blame the mailer.

Bill B

"He will collect ballots from neighboring counties ". Huh?

Paul Daquilante

Bill B . . .

A resident living in Yamhill County, but perhaps working in Marion County, could have dropped off a ballot in Marion. Or a ballot(s) could have been left in Multnomah, Washington or any county in Oregon for that matter.

seed farmer

This county is in big trouble and 90% of them don't have a clue. Starrett/Berschauer will be way worse than Lewis/George ever were. An election bought and paid for with Starrett's money and mountains of out of county money. Now the quid pro quo will begin. It'll start with Kevin Starrett wanting them to pass a second amendment sanctuary county ordinance, which will be absolutely meaningless - a waste of time and taxpayer money. IMO, a very sad day.


Apparently some voters, commissioners (endorser Kulla), newspapers (endorser News-Register) and commenters prefer to ignore or bury the fact that a person with a long arrest record was running for an office to represent them. Thank goodness there's some goodness in the majority of the voters.

Ossie Bladine

PM, if by "ignore or bury" you mean publish a front page story about it and mention it multiple times thereafter, then yes, we sure "ignored" and "buried" it.

You must have really been distraught when George W. Bush was elected.


Dick Cheney had two DWI’s......selective outrage is amusing....


I do remember the News Register publishing an article about Boyer's arrest record. However, it came only after a tacky web site was created sharing the information. The NR apparently found Berschauer's dog bite incident more news worthy. If the web site about the arrest record hadn't been created, I wonder if the NR would have covered it. I would prefer to not see the 'dirty politics' of the mud slinging web sites or mailers. I would much prefer to see a balanced, unbiased news source. However, I don't know if such a thing can exist these days.


seed farmer - you nailed it, and I predict our fellow farmers will experience some buyer's remorse in due time. Elections have consequences and a lot of damage can be done in a four year term. Wishes for strength and perseverance go out to Casey.


I'm glad to see that the majority of Yamhill County leans conservative and the votes came in supporting Berschauer.


The right person for the job. Great job Yamhill County. I bet all the liberals hair is on fire right now.


I wonder how many of the voters with "concerns" about Boyer's arrest record also cast their ballots for Jo Rae Perkins?

It's fairly notable that those who were most eager to make this non-partisan race into a partisan battle may also be the biggest hypocrites.


I am happy to see that the N-R is aware that Yamhill County has a budget committee (last paragraph above). I continue to wonder if the N-R is aware that Lindsay Berschauer is one of the three Lay Members of the Committee in addition to the Board of County Commissioners.

The N-R endorsement for Boyer failed to mention that Lindsay Berschauer is a member of the Yamhill County Budget Committee and a member of the Compensation Committee. states in part:
Lay Members [Note: Lay Members are appointed to the Budget Committee by the Board of Commissioners and the appointment constitutes automatic appointment to the Compensation Committee with the same terms.



It was an intense race for sure for our small farming community but Yamhill County let their voices be heard loud and clear.

Congratulations County Commissioner Berschauer!
Yamhill County is luck to have you!

Mrs. Boyer and her team ran a good race and should be commended for their hard work. Mrs. Boyer will always be known and respected for her hard work founding our McMinnville Farmers Market.

My family, I and the entire Berschauer campaign committee wish Mrs. Boyer all the best in her future endeavors!

Heidi Parker~AIM (Action In Mac)


Your best wishes seem a bit hollow when just two days ago you described her as a “career criminal” on this forum....

Christmas has Talons

Will, These responses are heart warming. So if you point out a person has a criminal record you are bad and if you drive drunk you are not only good but you are a victim. Gotta love the liberal mindset.

But hey don't worry you can do one of the most selfish and dangerous things a person can possibly do like driving drunk and your liberal friends over at the NR will not only support you but they will go to any lengths to try to find something on your opponent crying victim the whole time.

Politicking =mean
Drunk driving= good. LOL!!!!!


Tagup, well said. Nothing to add to that.


Tagup and GM,

I speak only truth and facts. If the truth hurts that is not my fault. Boyers choices in her life were all her own doing.

With that said, I do not wish her ill and do absolutely respect what she has done for Yamhill County as far as founding the Farmers Market and supplying our community with hay BUT it is my own personal view and clearly the view of the majority that she has no business in a elected seat paid for by our tax dollars with her history.

There is simply no other way to put it. She ran a good race, she debated well, she responded to her constituents but her past should have been disclosed day one and hindsight being 20/20 I am sure she would have released that information on her own terms.

Like I said in a previous post on a NR article...
When you run for a political position you live in a fish bowl so you better damn well know how to swim.

Again, I wish Boyer and Wall nothing but the best wishes.
Yamhill County has spoken and it was loud and clear.


Treehouse, "this non-partisan race"? It's always been partisan and always will be. Calling it 'non-partisan' does not make it so. A person need only read the pre-election NR endorsement letters to the editor to find the same old tired names of the usual suspects supporting liberal candidates, based solely on ideology. Get real!!

Jeb Bladine

PM / Jane,

We appreciate your participation.

At the newspaper, we talk a lot about “news,” but perhaps from a different perspective than others.

We knew about Mrs. Boyer’s 2013 DUI case and that it culminated in 2015 penalties – as reported in the newspaper at that time. We had no knowledge of any prior offenses from 25 years ago connected to her maiden name. When that came to light via the website you mentioned, we published a prominent Page 1 story about those facts.

Ms. Berschauer’s lawsuit also came to our attention from outside sources with political motivations. It was a highly unusual civil action in federal court with proposal to move it into Yamhill County Circuit Court, and was reported as current news.

Perhaps we should investigate all candidates for school boards, city councils, county commission and other local elective positions, and report all past transgressions at time of candidacy. That might produce even more passionate response than what we’ve seen related to this political race. You can be sure we will continue talking about what we’ve learned from public response to this election.

As aside, to Don, Ms. Berschauer’s position on the county budget committee was reported in our May 1 candidate profile story and our May 8 Budget Committee story. It was reported in eight 2019 news stories that connected her committee position with her candidacy for county commissioner.


Well, Aorta, I don't feel quite so "luck" [your term] to awake and find Berschauer elected county commissioner, but I guess she was the candidate without the least taint of scandal. Regarding her litigation, did the dog that bit her belong to her spouse? Perhaps you could field that question.


The character of a candidate is generally revealed by the type of campaign they run.....The high road of running on experience, ideas and leadership qualifications is more difficult....but it is an indication of integrity and independent thought.....


As a result of learning about Boyer’s history I’ve contacted the Oregon Ethics Commission and also DOJ re: an elected officials and also a chairman of the board not stepping down after getting arrested, failing diversion and going to jail. An elected officials needs to held to a higher standard as they represent our county. Oregon Dept of Ag confirmed that they were aware of it as well and all this time our community did not know and we were under the impression we were being represented by an elected official with a good history and track record. This is a serious issue. Elections aside.



I think frustrations over bias in the larger mainstream and national media get vented toward that which is local. For instance, somehow Andrew Cuomo wasn't asked today about a report condemning the NY policy of forcing COVID positive patients back into nursing homes to free up hospital space that in the end wasn't needed. The policy led to predictable and catastrophic results. Thousands died. That would never happen if someone like Trump or DeSantis made such an obvious mistake.

I do like how the N/R holds our governor's feet to the fire over her administrations lack of transparency.


Mother of 3....just for George Bush & Dick Cheney for their DUI history.....

Bill B

Well tagup, one more person we can add to the list of people you can complain about for the next 4 years. Are you dreading November?



I think the lesson here is that the NR is not obligated to endorse any candidate. I know you guys were negative about Lindsay for a number of reasons but that didn't obligate you to endorse Boyer by default. I'm not sure you guys realize what a bad bad message you sent to the community when you decided Boyer's arrest and conviction records did not disqualify her. You could have taken a pass. Bad look for the NR on this one.

Ossie Bladine


I hear ya. I think in this case we’d end up with a bad look either way: forgive the arrest record, or forgive outsider politics taking control of the county. All voters have their own unique set of priorities to consider when voting. Perhaps we should stop endorsements altogether, as many papers have. Not only have people become more agitated when reading something they disagree with, but the endorsements (all editorials, really) immediately cause people to believe that the news content must therefore be biased on that subject.

The line between opinion and news (clearly defined by section headers in a newspaper) does not exist on cable TV, radio, social media, various online sites, etc. I think people have come to believe that non-opinionated information just doesn’t exist anymore. Thus, if we endorse a candidate, the news content then must be biased toward that candidate.

Ossie Bladine


Constantly being lumped in with multi-billion-dollar worldwide brands sure is something. We’ve always been accused of bias, and had plenty of detractors in the community (being called Freemason scum was a highlight of my career so far). But that always seemed more of a natural trickle. Now, it’s a steady stream, and not necessarily a natural one. My dad referenced this article in a previous column:

“Parscale has indicated that he plans to open up a new front in this war: local news. Last year, he said the campaign intends to train “swarms of surrogates” to undermine negative coverage from local TV stations and newspapers. Polls have long found that Americans across the political spectrum trust local news more than national media. If the campaign has its way, that trust will be eroded by November. ‘We can actually build up and fight with the local newspapers,’ Parscale told donors, according to a recording provided by The Palm Beach Post. ‘So we’re not just fighting on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC with the same 700,000 people watching every day.’”

As if running an independent community newspaper wasn’t difficult enough, now I literally have to worry about the White House coming after us? What in the actual cuss? (That misinformation campaign seems to currently be targeting our local elections division as well -- teaser for story in Tuesday’s issue!). And when that stream of misinformation and distrust at the local level turns into a rapid, angry river, it’s bye bye time for local newspapers.

Bill B

Strange how the commentary on articles progresses or regresses; like a game of telephone. Not sure why you are so up in arms Ossie.


Ossie, Jeb, I know this isn't what you might want. Especially in these times with the advertiser community that supports you reeling and circulation numbers struggling.

But if they are coming after you, what are you going to do about it?

I'm not talking about abandoning journalistic standards of neutrality with respect to the facts. But will you at least consider more thoroughly reporting out not only the disproportionate financial influence in this particular election arising from PAC spending, out of state spending, and corp spending, but also the cryptic sources of those funds?

I know that's a big lift for a small local. I know it demands resources that aren't always available. But other media resources have faded and withdrawn from places like ours.

Why are groups and individuals from outside Yamhill County pouring money into a non-partisan race for County Commissioner? Is there an agenda? What is it? Citizens and voters of the county should be made aware if something like that is going on. It might make you some enemies, it's true. But those of us who care about the future direction of this county will stick by you and your advertisers.


What Treehouse said.....ME TOO!

David S. Wall

Jeb: With reference to your comments:

" Ms. Berschauer’s lawsuit also came to our attention from outside sources with political motivations. It was a highly unusual civil action in federal court with proposal to move it into Yamhill County Circuit Court, and was reported as current news."

Jeb: How you were made aware of Ms. Berschauer's lawsuit is unknown to me and personally, I really don't care. It seems that you were only apprised of the Lawsuit up to Defendant's Motion to Remand the case to Yamhill Circuit Court pleading a Diversity issue. If I am mistaken and you have the entire case file up to and including this date, my sincerest apology.

Ms. Berschauer's Federal Lawsuit is still active.

"Case No. [3:19-cv-01698]


Pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26(f), the parties jointly certify that they have conferred, waive Rule 26(a) disclosures, and propose the following Discovery Plan:

1. Close of Discovery: August 31st, 2020
2. Expert Disclosure: October 30th, 2020
3. Dispositive Motion Deadline: December15th, 2020"

Lulu: The Defendant in this matter, according to Court Documents is not her "Spouse."

From the Complaint, "Plaintiff alleges JURISDICTION AND PARTIES: [Page 1 at 1]:

This lawsuit arises out of serious personal injuries sustained on or about June 16th, 2018 at a home located at 323 W Oxford St., Newberg, Oregon in the District of Oregon."

From the Complaint, "COMMON ALLEGATIONS: [Page 2 at 9]:

In 2017, plaintiff and defendant began a relationship, and in June 2018, plaintiff and defendant began to cohabitate in the above-mentioned residence, along with their dogs."

Have a good day.

David S. Wall


Jeb: Reference to your comment regarding my comment regarding Lindsay being a member of the Budget committee.

My point was that your endorsement of Boyer failed to mention that Lindsay was a member of the Yamhill County Budget Committee. It was a subtle way of saying that stating Lindsays’ membership on the committee was omitted because it did not fit the narrative of point 4 of your endorsement of Boyer which was:

"(4) There is only one candidate with substantial local roots.”
…"Lindsay Berschauer is an Arizona transplant who settled in the Portland Metro Area before relocating to Newberg in 2015 and Carlton in 2019.”

The voters pamphlet also listed the following additional info for Lindsay Berscher under Prior Governmental Experience and COMMUNITY SERVICE:
Prior Governmental Experience; Newberg Rural Fire Protection District Board, 2017-2018;

COMMUNITY SERVICE: Board Director, Yamhill Community Action Partnership (YCAP); Board President, Building Excellent Schools Together (BEST); Government Affairs Council Member, McMinnville Area Chamber of Commerce; Member, Oregon Women in Timber; Member, Chehalem Valley Chamber.

I was not familiar with either candidate prior to this election cycle. Your endorsement point regarding Lindsay as an outsider made no sense outside of showing bias for one candidate. Thus, I voted for Lindsay because she is fully engaged with the County and Communities in the County. Understanding the County Budget process and issues made Lindsay the most qualified candidate for County Commissioner Position 2. Your endorsement for this position did not consider or mention Lindsays’ current contributions to Yamhill County.

Ossie Bladine


Had we mentioned Lindsay’s experience in Yamhill County, it still would have fit the narrative that there was only one candidate with “substantial local roots.”

The editorial board (which Jeb’s not a part of) considered the items you listed as more resume builders for a commissioner run.

After moving to Wilsonville road (a Newberg address, but in Marion County) she ran for the fire board and was active through the annexation process into TVF&R.

Then in 2019 (according to her LinkedIn profile) she joined the McMinnville and Chehalem chambers, was appointed to the budget committee that February, and to the YCAP board (on which Mary Starrett sits) that March. In May, she reorganized her candidate committee from “Berschauer for Newberg Rural Fire Board” to “Friends of Lindsay Berschauer” (with a new Newberg address, matching the one in the civil suit mentioned above), showcased herself at community festivals that summer, changed her committee filing to a Carlton address Sept. 24 and then filed for her candidacy Sept. 26 (with Carlton physical address, but Newberg PO mailing address.).

So, your critique of the omission in the endorsement is a fair one. Budget committee and YCAP board experience is still valuable even if it's only one year's worth. But just wanted to provide a little perspective on the board’s considerations.



Speaking of lack of transparency, they literally had a three hour employment department hearing yesterday where our representatives were not allowed to ask any live questions. That is appalling.

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