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Commissioners seek answers to justify governor's COVID-19 orders

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If you come to Yamhill county to shop, please take care of our health and wear a mask when you're inside a building. Thank you.

Bill B

"He said he intends to ask the governor to explain how her approach is science-based “in a way that is rebuttable.”" What in the world does that mean? Seems to me that she is following the scientific guidelines pretty well.


@Bill, well Mary Starrett said that she didn't believe the epidemiologists anyway. Who does Starrett think she is, demanding that the Governor justify her actions? Starrett makes us all look like fools. Yamhill County is nothing compared to the rest of the state. Mary Starrett is the last person that Salem is going to give any justification to. Trying to make some political hay out of a pandemic........

Bill B

Katie2-That was Kulla's comment not Starrett's.


The issue at hand is whether or not the governor is being heavy-handed in all of this. As I understand it, Phase Two is as far as she'll let us advance. The County Commissioners want clarification as to a possible time frame. Obviously we don't want to be restricted forever from going forward.
What I thought was ridiculous and made me question why we elected this group of clowns is that they somehow think writing a letter will accomplish anything. While not advocating this course of action, suing is about the only way that you'll get Brown's attention and even that in this particular case is questionable. No the plan is stupid and immature, but that's what you get with Mary and Casey Manning the helm, respectively.


Exactly Judy!! If you come here to shop keep your Covid19 to yourself.


I don’t about the commission write a letter to ask for increased testing?.....


Good point Tagup, the State of Oregon is only at 3% testing while the national average at 11%. Why is our testing capacity so small? This information can be found on the OHA website. Please read the fine print. It changes, as does the way they collect and disperse the information that they report. Fluctuating the information leaves people confused and clinging to misinformation. It truly is difficult to find a place where the "truth of facts" stands out and remains consistent.


Is it really better not to know how wide spread the virus Is ?..I don’t get the lack of interest....


Bill B,
Kulla's question relates to scientific method. For any policy or conclusion to be arrived at in a way that is consistent with scientific method, it has to be based upon an hypothesis that is falsifiable, or rebuttable. The word "rebuttable" is the term most commonly relied upon in law. While the word "falsifiable" is the term most commonly relied upon in science, scientific reasoning, and in the branch of philosophy and logic that deals with inductive and deductive reasoning as it relates to science. You can find out more about falsifiability and how it relates to scientific reasoning by looking up the work of 20th century Austrian philosopher Karl Popper.


Thank you commissioners for asking the question. There are many reasons why some might not feel comfortable wearing masks and we should allow them the autonomy to make that choice.

If the powers that be want us to have faith in their reasoning it actually needs to be reasonable and make sense.1) Letting prisoners out because they fear they may contract Wuhan virus rather than having them wear masks makes people have questions. 2)If people are being tested before they go into a procedure at the hospital then they can certainly test the jailers and incoming inmates and they have the ability to quarantine.
The questions are fair....


So.. if the local water utility issued a “boil water” order.....would you do it?....or continue to drink the water?

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