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Carlton, Yamhill, Dayton list mayoral, council openings

All city offices are nonpartisan offices.

Mayor Linda Watkins’ two-year term ends Dec. 31. Three council seats also end on that date; they are held by Grant Erickson, Kevin Skipper and Guilherme Brandao.

None of the incumbents have yet filed for re-election.

Candidates need to be at least 18, registered voters and residents of Carlton for at least 12 months prior to the Nov. 5 election.

To file for office, hopefuls need to collect signature of at least 20 registered Carlton voters and turn the signatures in to city hall for confirmation.

The deadline to file is Aug. 27. However, city officials recommend filing by Aug. 20 in case additional confirmation is needed.

For more information and a filing packet, call 503-852-7575 or go to the city website,

Yamhill uses the caucus system to select a slate of candidates for the mayoral and council election.

All residents can come to the caucus on July 31 in Beulah Park.

Registered voters can nominate candidates for the position of mayor, now held by Yvette Potter, or for two open seats on the council now held by Marci Jensen and Tim Askey.

Voters at the caucus then will vote for a candidate for each position to form the city ticket.

Individual residents also can file to run for office independently.

All candidates must be registered voters at least 18 years old. They must have lived in Yamhill at least 12 months.

In the Nov. 5 election, voters can choose any candidate; they don’t have to vote for the city ticket as a block.

For more information, call Yamhill City Hall, at 503-662-3511 or go to the city website, at

Dayton will fill three council positions in the Nov. 5 election.

The filing deadline is Aug. 22. Candidates must be registered voters who are at least 18 and who have been Dayton residents for at least one year.

Positions open are for council seats held by Andrew Hildebrandt and Kitty Mackin.

In addition, a third council seat, vacant as of June 11, will be filled in the election. Even if the council appoints someone to fill the seat prior to the election, the person will have to run to retain the position and voters will decide the matter on Nov. 5.

For more information, call Dayton City Hall, at 503-864-2221 or go to the city website,


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