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COVID-19 toll updated to remove 26-year-old Sheridan man

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There have been too many "anomalies" in the process of recording COVID-19 deaths to actually trust the supposed findings. Still, it is all we have to go by....


Hibb- with over 200,000 dead attributed to Covid there may Indeed be a few anomalies.....but even if 10% are mis-diagnosed (which is extremely doubtful) that still leaves 180,000.....the Covid death toll is other way to spin it!


Without a discrete test for the Chinese virus, any death attributed to it is ultimately speculative. Or, so it seems to me.


Describing Covid as a “ Chinese virus” shows your political bias on the subject.....It’s a worldwide virus that needs to be addressed using best available scientific information.....the reality is that the virus exists ...and is currently an active infection spreading across the US and in our own community.....everyone should take steps to protect themselves and others.


No, that's where it came from. There's no political bias on my part.


Personally, I think we should stick with the age-old convention that a virus is named after where it first appeared, in this case Wuhan. If not, then what about Zika, West Nile, Lyme, MERS, etc.? I'm not sure why the convention suddenly changed, especially when MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome) is in the same class as COVID-19 and was fairly recent. I don't necessarily mind the new convention though it could get confusing if you have multiple similar diseases in the same year.


It changed because somehow the Chinese government had enough influence on the US legacy media to coin a term in our language, amd make it stick.

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