By News-Register staff • 

Examiner: Rumors of vaccine death untrue

“There have been no deaths in Yamhill County due to COVID-19 vaccinations,” said Williams, “and none are suspected.”

Williams reported his understanding that questions suggestions of such a death circulated recently on a local Facebook page.

At press time Thursday, the News-Register had not located such online posts, which can be difficult to find due to the proliferation of private Facebook groups. A reporter involved in that search, however, did report finding much misinformation related to the COVID-19 issues.

Williams said he could not comment on any specific death case, but he obtained clearance with the state Medical Examiner’s Office for release of the statement reported above.



Another shining example of how inappropriate it is for local government to rely upon and support social media as a mechanism for public engagement.

Every single agency and department in every local government should begin to transition public communication away from private social media. Private social media platforms are not safe.

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