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Brown condemns 'irresponsible elected officials' urging defiance

Yamhill County commissioners recently passed a board order that claims county residents and business owners cannot be penalized for failing to follow the governor’s orders, although County Counsel Christian Boenisch said it wasn’t intended to encourage defiance of the governor’s orders.

Brown said in a press release her orders have ben saved lives, and that violating them puts everyone at risk.

“Oregon’s health and safety measures are in place to protect Oregonians, save lives, and keep our hospitals and health care workers from becoming overwhelmed by COVID-19,” she said.

“Oregonians have made incredible sacrifices throughout this pandemic and, now, many communities across Oregon are reducing the spread of COVID-19 and moving into risk levels that allow restaurants and businesses to reopen to at least some indoor service.”

Yamhill County remains in the highest risk category, Extreme, which allows dining only outdoors.

“If businesses reopen too early and instead create new spikes in COVID-19 cases, the actions of a few business owners could set entire communities back and keep them in the Extreme Risk category for even longer.”

Brown warned that, although politicians may urge defiance, they won’t be the ones who pay the price.

“Those same local elected officials who are encouraging businesses to fully reopen and flagrantly disregard public health are unlikely to have the backs of businesses when faced with fines and penalties, nor are they likely to be willing to be held responsible for the public health impacts their actions create,” she said.

She said she expects agencies to continue using an education first approach, “but Oregonians need to understand that these rules are enforceable under law. For businesses that refuse to comply, OSHA and OLCC staff are empowered to take administrative action including issuing citations, fines, and Red Warning Notices if necessary.”



we can't hide out forever and since KB totally failed at having a plan for the immunizations she cant hold us prisoners any longer. Those who are worried about getting covid can self quarantine.


We need our counties and cities to make their own decision's and not be ruled from Salem. Emergency powers were intended for short term emergency's not to empower the Gov to rule our lives and livelihood's.


Kate has to go. She is beholden to the public employees union.
Giving vaccinations to employees and teachers before people 65 and older
in direct contradiction of CDC guidelines as to use of available doses.
In the last election unions gave her campaign around 12 million dollars.
State employees never missed a paycheck since last March. She didn't want them to sign up for unemployment because she new how screwed up the Oregon Department of Employment was.

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