Oregon receives ventilators, expired medical equipment

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — Oregon's requests to the federal government for medical supplies to cope with COVID-19 have had mixed results.

Officials requested 1 million N95 masks and received about 70,000. Of 1 million surgical masks requested, 287,000 have been received, according a state report. Much of it is past expiration dates.

Some masks have faulty elastic and consequently are not being distributed to Oregon health care workers, said Charles Boyle, Oregon Gov. Kate Brown’s spokesman.

Other expired equipment, some dating back to the H1N1 outbreak of 2009, is unsuitable for surgical settings, Boyle said.

However, the Trump administration did deliver all 140 ventilators that Oregon had requested.





So Oregon ordered 140 ventilators and, less than a week later, they send them to New York?

Why were they requested at all? At what expense (in more ways than one) to cross the county twice in such a short period of time?

Don Dix

Just another pathetic way to still complain about Trump and his administration's response, while propping up Brown to look like a savior.

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