By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Union files complaint against Yamhill County

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Sounds like Yamhill County is going to end up spending the money they said they would not share with their union employees after all....

Willamina Willy

True leadership doesn't treat employees like 2nd class citizens. There used to be an agreement between management and employees at the county of "mutual respect". That's obviously gone, and we citizens are the ones who will pay the price for this. It is so sad to see the nose dive that's taken place at the county over the last 10 years. The place is a shipwreck.

A New Generation

I read that the union also asked them months ago to put out a bid to make sure the insurance they're providing is both competitive in benefits and cost effective (same since 1992). Shouldn't the County also be the stewards of the tax dollars that pay these salaries and benefits in the most efficient way? Heroes or not, antagonizing these employees during bargaining isn't very bright, humane, or good business practice. Taking away any COLA wtih an increase in insurance premium is just nonsense, especially during a pandemic! This does nothing to improve the standing of the County in the eyes of the electorate. You're better than this, I hope.


Seems like HR has been making poor and ill advised decisions at the county for quite a while....