By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Riverbend landfill expansion gets hearing

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A New Generation

The Commissioners seem to understand that there are damages to the adjacent farming operations, causing significant changes in accepted farm practices, and that the litter from the landfill will force a marked change in farm practices with additional costs for the adjacent farms. That's all they have to say.

Please acknowledge this and be done with it.

Let's not go into the weeds about the effect on businesses, liveability, the environment, and the ever pervasive smell. Expanding this dump is not good for the future of McMinnville or Yamhill County, for these and many other reasons that we are all aware of.

Commissioner Olson: you led on this while Mayor of McMinnville. Please return to that role.
Commissioner Starrett: You always state 'I'm for the farmers.' Please demonstrate that.
Commsiioiner Kulla: You are a farmer. Being science based in many of your other decisons, please bring that to bear in this decision.

Please deny the expansion. The citizens of Yamhill County are depending on you to do the right thing.
Let's put this issue to bed once and for all.


@new generation. I absolutely agree.

Bill B

One only has to look at the photos to see that expansion is wrong, wrong, wrong!


When is enough finally enough?