By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

EPA: Riverbend Landfill repeatedly violated Clean Air Act

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E.J. Farrar

Riverbend's management and DEQ have been telling us for a decade that they’ve met all the state and federal clean air standards and we all need to just let them run their dump. Now the EPA says they’ve been in violation for years. Who are we supposed to believe? It’s way past time for this public nuisance to close for good.


EPA conducted 2017/2018 and found numerous violations! And they are still operating? Disgusting! Commissioners S T O P it and stop it n o w ! We don’t need and don’t want this stinking and dangerous mess!


Everyone in McMinnville and the surrounding area knows the smell well and it's obvious something isn't right and hasn't been for years. However with our new County Commissioner the dump is certainly here to stay.


Riverbend is a scandalous company that the county needs to part company with. They do NOT have our best interests at heart. What other viable options do we have?

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