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Mac city budget in relatively good shape

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David S. Wall

McMinnville owes Finance Director Jennifer Cueller a sincere debt of gratitude, a raise in pay and broader control of city operations.

McMinnville needs to save money by cutting positions and service contracts.

Consider eliminating the following positions; Office of the City Manager, Economic Development Director, Planning Director and corresponding administrative overheads.

These functions can easily be contracted out when and if needed.

The position of "Assistant City Manager" should not be considered.

Consider eliminating the "Visit McMinnville" contract in its' entirety.

Consider expanding The Office of City Attorney with a percentage of the savings from the personnel downsizing.

Implementation of House Bills [HB2001 and HB 2003] are going to generate multiple lawsuits once property owners, in once single family neighborhoods, start losing the equity in their properties.

McMinnville, as well as, every jurisdiction in Yamhill County better start figuring out what to do when the Federal money runs out and the eviction moratorium ends.

The State of Oregon's General Fund also has its' limits on providing money for selected rents and mortgages and this funding is in jeopardy.

The McMinnville taxpayers should expect more out of the City Council then they are receiving.

I fear bad economic times for many are already here and are going to get much worse.

Merry Christmas!
Stay safe
David S. Wall

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