By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Family seeks answers as Sheridan man, 26, dies of COVID-19 related causes

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Nicole,You did a awesome job on this article.Thank you so much,Mike.Me and my wife Kimberly have been part of this community for over 30yrs,again I can’t say enough, for the love and prayers from this community.


The headline and 3/4 of the article is deceiving. The headline indicates he died of Covid and it isn't until the end of the article that you state he tested negative, his roommates tested negative, his co-workers tested negative. Isn't that an indication that the state of Oregon and the hospital may have acted irresponsibly and due to the rush to judgment, may have actually allowed this man to die? Was there any tests other than Covid done at the hospital? Shame on the News Register for this irresponsible article. How about some investigative reporting to determine the actual cause of this man's death? You are better than this. Please make this right by retracting the headline and do some investigative reporting to expose Oregon's obsession with padding the Covid numbers that have likely contributed to this man's death.


2nd the motion Parks


Parks....I don’t want to speak for the NR but the death certificate says Covid- related so it’s fair to report it as far as investigating the cause.....its pretty difficult when no information can be shared by healthcare facilities, the State, or anyone else due to HIPPA privacy regulations......there certainly are questions about the circumstances, but the family will likely be in the best position to gain access to hospital/ healthcare info...


Good evening to all.This is Mike Matts stepdad, there is no deceiving here at all,I wanted this story out to everyone to understand.You can be negative and still have covid it can be a silent killer also, we want the public to know that this is a serious virus.he was a healthy young man.we sent the tissue slides to cdc to verify if it was.I again think this article was well done.I thankful the nr wrote this article.Thank you Nicole

Nicole Montesano

Thank you for the kind words, Mike. I'm grateful that we were able to help keep the community informed. It's always a difficult balance to strike, when there is a family in pain.