By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

Election 2020: Garvin puts priority on livability in Mac city council re-election bid

He faces political newcomer Tynan Pierce in the campaign for a Ward 3 seat

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Mr. Polivka expressed concern about the financial backing Mr. Garvin has received. It took me two weeks of chasing Adam so I could get information on how to donate to his campaign. He had been up providing wildfire support which is why it took a while for us to connect. Adam was selective about what money he accepted: he refused donations from non-local sources.

This is the first time that I have donated financially to multiple candidates' campaigns. Pre-Covid, I have held "meet the candidate" functions without giving endorsements. A few things changed my mind this year: Covid; the personal request from several of my friends (none of whom are elected officials although they are active community volunteers) - no candidate to whom I donated money asked me for the donation; and the way the earlier campaign for county commissioner was conducted. Prior to the county commissioner campaign, most campaigns were run as Mr. Pierce is conducting his campaign. But contrary to what Mr. Pierce and Mr. Polivka think, several of us are capable of learning and changing with the times, whether or not we consider it a positive change.

Regardless of the current local political environment, I am glad to support a proven city councilor like Adam. And I appreciate that the money I donated is being spent efficiently, locally and is benefiting our community.

Patty O'Leary