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County reports 22 new cases of COVID-19

Yamhill County reported 22 new cases of COVID-19 from Saturday to Monday, bringing the county to a total of 3,823 cases to date.

There have been 69 deaths in the county.

Statewide, the Oregon Health Authority has reported that Oregon has now seen 157,515 cases, as of Monday, and 2,298 deaths.

According to the OHA, the county had administered at least one dose of vaccine to 17,300 people, as of Sunday.

According to the county’s weekly press release, the county is still focusing its vaccination efforts on people 80 and older, and people who are health care workers or otherwise included in the earliest eligibility categories, although some people in their 70s have reported obtaining appointments. The county has begun calling some people to notify them of appointment availability, or to offer appointments.

The press release said the county had received 1,600 doses last week.

County Health and Human Services Director Lindsey Manfrin refused to answer questions about how the county is selecting people to call for appointments, or when it might be able to start focusing on people younger than 80. People 65 and older are now eligible.

Manfrin also would not say how many doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine the county has received, or when it would be available through local pharmacies. She said the issue would be addressed in this week’s press release, typically released on Tuesdays.

Some local doctors and pharmacies are being provided with doses of the vaccine. The county says doctors will call their patients to notify them if they have vaccine available, and people may contact pharmacies directly to seek appointments.

People 65 and older also may register with the county to be notified about appointment availability, through the county’s website, at For assistance or more information, call 503-474-4100.

Amity High School has now reported a second student case of COVID-19, according to the OHA.

On Sunday, The New York Times reported that Oregon researchers have found a local mutation in a variant of the disease from Britain, similar to mutations found in variants in South Africa and Brazil, but which appears to have occurred separately, in Oregon. They said it may make the virus more resistant to vaccines.

The OHA has reported 11 cases of the variant from Britain found in Oregon; one in Yamhill County. However, the new mutation has so far been seen only once, according to the New York Times.

The OHA has reported one case of the Brazilian variant in Oregon.


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