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Governor extends mask mandate statewide starting Wednesday

Face coverings will be required statewide in indoor public spaces, including many businesses, as of Wednesday, Gov. Kate Brown announced Monday.
The new regulation is an effort to prevent Fourth of July celebrations from contributing to another massive increase in new cases of COVID-19, as Memorial Day holiday celebrations did, Brown said.

“From the beginning of the reopening process, I have said that reopening comes with the risk of seeing an increase in COVID-19 cases beyond our health systems’ capacity to test, trace, and isolate them,” Brown said.

Mask Guidance

Customers and visitors at the following businesses are required to wear face masks starting July 1 throughout Oregon.

*Grocery stores

* Fitness-related organizations

* Indoor and outdoor entertainment facility operators

* Licensed swimming pool, licensed spa pool and sports court operators

* Outdoor recreation organizations

* Pharmacies

* Public transit agencies and providers

* Personal services providers

* Restaurants, bars, breweries, brewpubs, wineries, tasting room and distilleries

* Retail stores, shopping centers and malls

* Ride sharing services

* School aged summertime day camp operators

* Recreational sports operators for specified sports

* Venue operators

Exemptions to mask requirement for customers/visitors

* Children under 12 (masks "strongly recommended for kids 2-12)

* People with a medical condition that makes it hard to breathe when wearing a mask, face shield or face covering

* People who have a disability that prevents the individual from wearing a mask, face shield or face covering

For further guidelines click here

“Over the last month, we have seen the disease spread at an alarming rate in both urban and rural counties. The upcoming July 4th holiday weekend is a critical point for Oregon in this pandemic, and we can all make a difference.”

She warned that, if people do not comply, the virus spread could worsen.

“I do not want to have to close down businesses again like other states are now doing. If you want your local shops and restaurants to stay open, then wear a face covering when out in public,” Brown said.

The Oregon Health Authority last week warned new COVID-19 cases are likely to be significantly worse in the coming weeks, just before the state’s total count jumped again, to more than 8,000, with an increase over three days of 674 new cases.

As of Monday, the state was reporting 8,485 cases. Of those, 8,121 had been confirmed, and 364 were presumptive. There have been 204 deaths, with three reported between Saturday and Monday.

Yamhill County has also witnessed a steady increase in new cases, rising to 117 as of its Monday morning report.

The best-case scenario would have the state hovering around 180 cases per day, the OHA said. However, that is “likely implausible,” given around a third of the new cases cannot be traced to a known source, the agency said. The scenarios in the state’s modeling are based on whether the expansion is attributable to an increase in transmission, or simply to expanded testing, or a combination of the two.

However, the report states, “the models suggest that transmission has increased since reopening began on May 15th.”

Under the most optimistic scenario, OHA estimated the state will see another 27,500 cases by July 16.

The “moderate” scenario would be 900 new cases per day over the next month, with daily hospitalizations rising from eight to 27 — a total of 38,300 more cases by July 16.

It predicted the worst outcome would be 4,800 new cases, and 82 hospitalizations per day — about 78,100 new infections by July 16.

Oregon state Health Officer Dr. Dean Sidelinger described the projections “a sobering reminder” of the need for caution. He stopped short, however, of suggesting the state reverse reopening, instead stressing individual responsibility.

“Think hard about your choice of activities, especially as we get close to the Fourth of July holiday,” Sidelinger said. “Ask yourself: ‘how can I reduce my risk and the risk I might pose to people around me?’ Do what you can to suppress the virus.”

He urged people to wear masks, wash their hands, maintain a physical distance of six feet, avoid large gatherings, and if you are in a group setting — like a holiday barbeque — stay outside.

Brown asked residents to keep Fourth of July celebrations small and local.

“We saw a lot of new COVD-19 cases following the Memorial Day holiday. Another spike in cases after the upcoming holiday weekend could put Oregon in a dangerous position,” she said.

“Oregonians have all made incredible sacrifices over the last several months that have saved thousands of lives. The actions we take now can protect our friends, neighbors, loved ones, and fellow Oregonians from this disease, and prevent the need for another statewide shutdown,” she said. “We are truly all in this together.”

She said Oregon Occupational Safety and Health will take the lead, along with other state and local agencies, in enforcing face covering requirements for all covered Oregon businesses.

The state reported 250 new cases on Friday, 277 on Saturday, 247 on Sunday and 150 on Monday. There were eight deaths reported over those four days.
Yamhill County reported three new cases on Friday, one on Saturday, three on Sunday and one on Monday, bringing the county, as of its Monday morning report, to 117 cases.




All the liberal little sheep should be happy now that their Queen Kate has spoken. Why should the whole state follow this? Oh I forgot Independence Day is coming and the sheep don’t like their freedom. She is the worst leader that this state could have.


You know Jim, you always have a lot of things to say about liberals. You call them names and belittle their ideas and I imagine they have done the same to you. In life we know each other and have collaborated a few times for mutual benefit, but I too am what you'd call a "Liberal sheep" or "snowflake". You wouldn't know it when you meet me, but that because I keep my politics private. What bugs me is when I think folks are my friends then I get on their social media or on this page and I see them name calling and essentialy trashing me. We have truly come to a sad place in this world when every issue has to be an all one way or the other issue divided by politics. I love freedom as much as you do, I want the best for my kids and grandkids just like you. I know you'll disagree, but if me wearing a mask to go to the store or when I go out could maybe stop me from spreading this to you then I think it's a small sacrifice. I hope everyone else does this as well so we can have as normal a school year as possible for our kids with as normal a sports and activities year for them as well. I know there are some that will argue they can't wear a mask, or the science is wrong or it doesnt work. I for one am willing to try anything at this point for the reasons I stated above. Today even the Vice President and Mitch McConnell strongly encouraged mask wearing. Doug Ducey in Arizona and Ron DeSantis in Florida are now also encouraging compliance. These are not Liberal sheeps and by next week the number of high level Republican leaders on board with this will have continued to grow. To those of you with your mind made up this will make no difference, I understand but hope this will not lead to arguing or name calling either. It's ok to state your views, it's also ok to listen and disagree without being rude to the person or to their belief system. Just my 2cents


Dadof4 if I offended you personally and you know me give me a call or text and I will have a civil conversation with you.i am sick and tired of being lied to by the left. Not one word has been said about the spread of this virus by rioters, looters and protesters. I have spent two months of my life at home to help stop this thing and I’m tired of the left ignoring people tearing our country apart physically and mentally. It’s not the conservative people of this country gathering by the thousands with no social distancing to loot, riot and protest but we are paying the price for it with our tax dollars and our time. Kate Brown and Ted Wheeler are to of the most liberal politicians in our country and they are letting it happen. I won’t take a knee or bow in front of anyone and liberals seem to think that’s fine. I love this country with all my heart and can’t see what is going on as helping our country. So if you don’t me like me speaking my mind but you condone tearing apart our country and history for liberal ideals we will agree to disagree.


Again, Now you'll have a liberal to base it off of...protesters should wear masks and social distance and I strongly disagree with looting and rioting. But I also disagree with mask-less rallies and church services without social distancing right now and to say that's not happening also is just not true and think you know that.


Jim, two things really quick. It's not "the left" that's rioting and looting. The police are starting most of the riots by assaulting peaceful protesters, and looters are criminals of every political stripe. Second, if you watch the news at all, you'll see leftist protesters wearing masks and attempting to maintain social distance. It's the gun-toting conservative freedom lovers who pack in together, be it in front of capital buildings or governors' homes, without masks and shout germs all over each other.

In short, everyone values individual freedom. The difference between you and the your liberal boogeymen seems to be that we value society in general, including your life, more than you do. Personally I'm glad we have a governor who cares enough to make the hard choices that our cowardly federal "leaders" continue to avoid. If Trump had done literally anything during the two months we were shut down, maybe it wouldn't all be on Governor Brown today.


I haven’t noticed any rioting and looting in McMinnville lately, so even bringing that up when the topic is Covid-19 indicates that your political resentments are more important to you than the practicalities of controlling the virus.

The face masks are a practical measure. In contrast to actual closings and restrictions, they allow people to continue to do what they are doing, including getting business and work back on track. Making the inconvenience of wearing one a fight about “freedom” is like having an argument about your right to run a red light.

In view of the fact that the President is only interested in being seen as the “cool teacher”, leadership has to come from somewhere. Gov. Brown’s order is minimalist, timely and appropriate.


The rioters and looters are mainly paid protesters on the ready to destroy when they're called. When Trump started the travel restrictions he was criticized while at the same time Pelosi was encouraging tourism in Chinatown saying everything was safe. Cuomo and de Blasio also wouldn't and refused to shut their cities down and look what happened. I find it par for the course that the destruction is happening and being allowed by red state governors. Kate Brown is useless and we're stuck with her until 2022. This will last until election day. There is no level these people will not stoop to.


Living in a society means an implicit trade off that everyday we are obliged to follow certain rules or recommendations, even though we may not like them. It is why I can't choose to drive on the left side of the residential road at 100mph down and not have consequences.

That said, when you choose to use certain words, you lose the ability to have a meaningful, constructive dialogue on your concerns ie. there is a better way of making your point.


Hello Dadof4 – your post is a breath of fresh air, and the fact that someone just doesn’t get it is more to be pitied than condemned. (equating peaceful protesters with “rioters and looters” and blaming the “left” for everything wrong in our world? What’s next?) I too am more than tired of sanctimonious “liberal bashing” and your comments resonate with me. I am reminded of the wit and wisdom of John Cleese:

“Snowflake is a word used by sociopaths in an attempt to discredit empathy.”

(Gotta love those Brits!)

Jim - who are you claiming expects you to ”….take a knee or bow….?” And who are you asserting condones “…..tearing apart our country….” That appears to be a horrible and unquestionably false accusation to make about your fellow Americans. News flash! Us “libs” love our country too. And how is it even possible that you have not heard dozens of commentators and scientists worrying out loud that the protests could worsen the spread of the virus? (“Not ONE word….” you declared.) SERIOUSLY?? Do you not own a television?

Oh Finch – yet another interesting “theory” you have offered up. Who exactly do you think “calls” and “pays” looters and rioters? (1-800-rent-a-looter?) I also have to wonder what you mean when you say “I find it par for the course that the destruction is happening and being allowed by red state governors.” Par for what course? Why would a Governor in ANY state “allow” destruction? Very confusing. (but I recall you don’t like to take your valuable time to answer questions so feel free to ignore the inquiry.)


Re all the vitriolic condemnation of our Governor, since we have absolutely ZERO leadership from the Trump administration, (their response has been delusional, totally incompetent, and a national shame) it is a great blessing that Oregonians have someone who sees the pandemic as real, someone who is trying to contain the spread, someone who knows that the common sense decency of wearing a face covering is not a statement of disloyalty.

Hate away if that works for you……I remain extremely grateful.


Treefarmer - you sit back and monitor everything everyone says and then spring into action setting everyone straight with your mental health background evaluating and disciplining us.

I said nothing about peaceful protesters because they're peaceful. Yes, whether you want to believe it or not many of these vicious and destructive rioters are PAID to go into cities and cause this mayhem. And yes, many of these red state governors allowed this garbage to take place because they refused to stop it. In a time when people are complaining non-stop about lack of funding for schools, police, fire, mental health or health in general among every other cause we are in the red throughout this country with budgets and trying to make ends meet. We have the country booming with jobs, extra low unemployment, infrastructure, etc. and the virus hits. We start to tumble and then the virus hits and this destruction and chaos is further hurting all the good things that have been taking place. These rioters and looters deface, desecrate and destroy public and private property and have no business or right to take over cities and rip down statues.

You go ahead and continue your slamming of the president and I'll continue to count down the days until Kate Brown is out. I won't change your mind and you won't change mine but for me and others you reprimand on a regular basis carry on. There are other people on these forums I don't always agree with but I actually like differing opinions and enjoy reading them. Yours - not so much.


Finch: who is paying for the looters and rioters since you say they are being paid?

Jim: I appreciate and understand where you are coming from. If masks worked they would use them in jails wouldn't they instead of releasing inmates? Wouldn't old folks homes be using them? For me if common sense isn't being used across the board using it intermittently isn't going to be effective.


Treefarmer you truly amaze me. You have drank the liberal koolaid right to the last drop. I am done dealing with anymore comments from you or anyone on your side of the table. In fact because of people like you after 50 years I’m done with the Newsregister. You and your liberal friends can continue to blow your hate and pompous attitudes to someone else. Tell Jeb good by and good luck for me.


Jim - I'm right behind you after 25 years. Not worth it.


“the models suggest that transmission has increased since reopening began on May 15th.”

Bull, the biggest case number increases are in Multnomah county (see link) which didn't re-opened until June 19th. If re-opening was the only variable, the other counties that re-opened in May would have seen a relative explosion in cases. An obvious variable could be the nationwide protests/riots and the resultant 'green light' it gave those younger to stop social distancing. We may never really know though because they are playing politics with the contact tracing (see second link). Its hard to make a statistical inference with corrupted data.

Trump made the single best decision during this whole ordeal when he shut down travel from China in January. Show me a Democrat, or for that matter, an establishment Republican, who would have done that. We know Joe Biden wouldn't have done it - he said so - saying it was xenophobic at the time.


Rob, great points and spot on. Kate is starting her 60 day power trip July 4th with the ability to renew every 60 days. That puts the second round ending the day after the election.


This is a good thing. Look at what is happening in Texas, Arizona and Florida. We have been relatively lucky here in Oregon as of now, but cases are increasing. Doing nothing is not an option, the virus will not go away on its own. Doing everything we can to limit the transmission of the virus before it runs rampant is simply common sense. It is protecting each other's health, and it is protecting our businesses. Doing everything we can to avoid a situation in which a closure is the only remedy left to us is very wise. There has probably never been a situation in our lifetimes where there was so much to be gained from such a small amount of effort.

Jeb Bladine

To All … A comment about “Comments:”

After review of diverse reader opinions expressed about online comments, the News-Register has decided to continue publication of them – with a few changes.

Please read the updated “News-Register Policy for Readers Comments,” linked just above the comments box. New policies – which will be more stringently monitored – includes certain requirements for people to use real names with comments.

Thanks to all who contributed to the discussion about the online forum. We hope these changes will offset some of the concerns that were expressed.


THANKS GOVERNOR BROWN!! I left home for a rare shopping trip yesterday and felt much safer because everyone had a face covering. Just like other civilized countries, we may yet be able to contain the spread of this devastating virus with common sense, common courtesy, and a VERY SMALL SACRIFICE. As an added benefit I could no longer tell which of my fellow shoppers didn’t give half a damn about the health and safety of others, a realization I have previously found deeply demoralizing. (Is it true that some things may best be left unrecognized?)

I just finished reading recent responses in this thread. It is stunning that some folks evidently believe it is justified and righteous to denigrate your fellow citizens – stupid kool-aid drinking sheep, "liberal" thought means someone HATES America and wants to see it destroyed, valid criticism of a corrupt president is pompous, preachy or an attempt to “discipline.” If those same persons can’t withstand a challenge to their opinions, if they are unwilling (or unable) to defend “alternative facts” and outrageous conspiracy theories, if their petty response is hissy fits and threats to take revenge on our honorable local newspaper – well, there you go. It speaks volumes about you, but it does not, will not, cause me to question YOUR patriotism even as you have questioned mine.

Sincere wishes to all for a safe and sane weekend as we celebrate our troubled and alarmingly divided nation.


As far as the statement ‘Trump shut down travel from China in January’ is BS! Trump blocked Chinese nationals from flying to the US, but 40,00 other people traveled here and didn’t wait out a 14 day quarantine. It was when the infection rate went up that the US started advising folks about a two week self-quarantine. Trump’s ban was specifically only on Chinese people, so excuse me, but that seems a bit racist. Please open your eyes.


yamhillbilly2 - appreciate your perspective, that was but one of those "alternative facts" referenced in my post.

Jeb Bladine

Jim / Finch:

Apologies for posting on 7/2 without having read your 7/1 comments – I would have responded at the time. Do you mean you are done posting comments on because of people like treefarmer, or done reading the News-Register altogether. Hopefully not the latter, although even the former would be a loss.

Finch, I’m thinking you meant to say blue state governors instead of red state governors who are allowing destruction, causing some confusion.

Treefarmer, if Jim and/or Finch should return to comments, maybe you could help lower the temperature with them on national politics. Not that it isn't important, but maybe there could be discussion about what exactly everyone means by “liberal.” Sometimes it seems that being liberal or not depends on whether you support President Trump – if so, we need a new label.

In any event, again, we hope forum participants will read the new policy on comments.


Jeb,I appreciate you taking the time to address the comments. Yes, I meant red state governors. Thanks for catching that. It's obvious I lean pretty right. I have friends I cherish that lean left. I have always enjoyed talk radio and forums where people can discuss differing opinions. I left Mac nearly a decade ago but still live in the county and chose to keep getting the paper to keep up on what's going on and because my friends are still there. I have appreciated the comments and the details presented over the years by Don Dix, Robs, Jim, Bill B and many others. I also enjoy reading the posts of those that I don't always agree with but still appreciate and understand them. They can be a little terse at times but so can I. And, I understand them and where they're coming from. Again, differing opinions. I've reached a point where things in this country have gotten so out of hand. I'm sick of hearing whenever someone doesn't agree with a point of view that the person with the opposition is racist. I'm sick of the word - have never been one and don't plan to start. I've posted my views on that before. Everyone is so sensitive and this whole racist, diversity, etc. is wearing and draining. I have decided to quit posting. We can have our opinions but I feel that I'm not alone in just being sick and tired of treefarmer bashing and belittling those that don't fall in line with her thinking because she is condescending, self-righteous and frankly, annoying. I'm tired of her homework assignments. I have a mother and father and she's not it. I will probably continue to read a little now and then but I'm backing off reading a lot of it because the world really isn't so bad in the scheme of things and I just want a break. As far as renewing my subscription -- still on the fence about that one. Again, thanks for our concern.



Those 40,000 you reference were Americans and authorized travelers. Should they have been forced to stay in China? Don't confuse country with Race. There was no such restriction on those from Hong Kong or Taiwan or for that matter any of Chinese ancestry from any place else.


Rob’s - No, I did not suggest the 40,00 authorized travelers should stay in China. Do you think only non-Americans can be carrying the disease? Why were the 40,00 not asked to quarantine when they arrived back in the states, if the true fear was about anyone traveling from the country of the outbreak. I’m sorry you find it difficult for me to believe the ban on Chinese nationals traveling from China to be somewhat xenophobic and or racist


I remember American citizens coming back at that time and they were asked to quarantine for 14 days. They even kept some at military bases if I remember correctly. The ban wasn't on Chinese nationals coming from China, anyone but Americans and 'authorized personnel' coming from mainland China were banned.


OK, first of all let’s get it straight, travel was never ‘banned’ it had restrictions. The phrase ’anyone but Americans...’ fits the definition of a Xenophobic statement. There were no restrictions on Americans going back and forth, only warnings. In the month previous to the restrictions, it has been estimated 300,00 people traveled here from China. Robert Klain, the White House Ebola response coordinator during the Obama administration testified that “unless you think the color of the passport someone carries is a meaningful public health restriction, we have not placed a meaningful public health restriction.” The desire of some of our current administration to refer to Covid 19 as the ‘Chinese virus’ or the ‘Kung Flu’ is most definetly racist


Opps! Hit the wrong key, in finishing let me say you have done little to sway my opinion that Mr. Trump is a racist and a Xenophobe


Other countries quickly followed suit with the travel ban from mainland China. Were they xenophobic too?

The president also restricted travel from Europe. The Europeans also instituted travel restrictions. I believe they are, or at least contemplating, restrictions on US travelers now because of our high virus counts.

States are also imposing quarantines on travelers from other states.

I don't see how a racist deletes restrictions on funding for historically black colleges, implements comprehensive prison reform targeting the black community, and creates economic opportunity zones for inner cities. I guess we'll have to disagree.


I’m reminded of the old saying:
“Even a blind squirrel occasionally finds a nut”


I take the paper to read the articles. The comments tend to be a waste of time and energy to read or comment on. I check in every two or three months. It is almost always the same commentators spewing the same drivel—Liberal or Conservative. The paper is going to enforce these new guidelines? I will believe it only when I see it which won’t be for two or three months when I maybe check in again.


Jeb - re discussion of the label “liberal,” I too believe it has been (inaccurately) applied to anti-Trump folks, but since there are many honorable conservatives who make no secret of their revulsion to the current corrupt administration, perhaps it is more about values and perceptions than political leanings?

As I ponder a respectful request to “lower the temperature,” Trump continues to inflame and divide our nation using culture war and chaos, (not to mention ongoing ego-driven denial and deadly mismanagement of the pandemic.) I found the words of columnist Jennifer Rubin particularly germane:

“The ‘culture’ he fights for is authoritarian, reactionary, anti-intellectual and un-American.”

Why does this dangerous demagogue appeal to even a minority of our population? I suspect it is partly because he and his enablers have succeeded in the spread of lies and propaganda. When I log into this forum and see our own local citizens (at least a few) echoing the lies and misinformation I am reminded of that cynical but valid old adage: the lie has traveled half-way across the world before the truth gets its shoes on. Failure to call out lies and misinformation seems unpatriotic, irresponsible, and lazy.

When someone posts propaganda and demands that it must not be questioned, when that person then feels justified to publish hateful judgmental character assassinations in lieu of addressing the issue, it is difficult to forego a response. The hypocrisy is glaring but I suppose there is nothing to be gained from a battle of facts with an unarmed person?

I do regret that the N/R has been threatened because you allow all “sides” to comment. MY OPINIONS ARE MY OWN AND IN NO WAY REFLECT THE POSITIONS OF THIS NEWSPAPER. (Seems bizarre to have to point that out.) I suppose the complainers expect the paper ought to censor any comments someone may not like? That would be the antithesis of ethical journalism and I am grateful it is not the policy here.

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