By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

YCAP program houses dozens of families with COVID-19 prevention funds

"These people, they changed everything for me.”

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A more effective way of dealing with this than the failed program administered by Champion Team, The Car Park Program.

Still, one wonders who exactly qualify. YCAP does not necessarily have a positive track record, especially with the homeless. Let's not forget the forced expulsion of the homeless from their deadend street...

Do they house those convicted of felonies? What about the hot potato of being a convicted sex offender? Are they able to ensure that there's no drug use in this motel?

I for one applaud YCAP's decision to do this, but is it available to all that want to wake up off of the streets and reorder their lives? I sure hope so, but I have my doubts....


Good for him. I wish him success. Someone should find a roof for the two transients who have been camping illegally between Old Sheridan and Cozine Creek for well over a week. It appears now that they have neighbors.

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