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Yamhelas Westsider Trail hearing delay requested

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Friday said he wants this to be fair to both sides? This has been a railroad job from day one. It’s being backed by the tourist industry and their money. How many tourist jobs are essential and how many in this industry are working right now? What a crock about being fair. Typical government overreach. Why doesn’t the county spend the money on bringing in manufacturing jobs that pay a living wage and benefits instead of their “Pie in the sky” project that only adds to our clogged city streets and county roads? There is nothing equitable about holding this hearing now.


As a taxpayer I’m disgusted by Ken Friday. He is so transparent. He needs to go.

Shame on you Casey Kulla and Rick Olsen. If a pandemic doesn’t have you busy enough doing important things then at least consider that people want to be apart of this “hot” discussion, folks that pay your salaries. Shame on you.

**Vote wisely in May for Commissioner. 2 are against the trail... and 1 for it. IMO Rushing this through during a pandemic without public participation will come back to haunt you.


This is not the time to make decisions on such a controversial proposal. Listen to the farmers. Demonstrate some common sense for a change.


It amazes me how all you liberals follow Kate Brown around like sheep while she ruins this state and steals money out of everybody’s wallet under the guise of CAT taxes and climate change. You can follow her and Kulla all the way to the poor house. Thanks but I’ll take my own route another way and it’s not following them. The east half of our state should already be up and working. I think it’s smart to be cautious with this virus but how many facts have been put out on how many people that have had it and recovered? No hope from our leaders just gloom and doom. I’m a positive person and I see our politicians putting very little forward to show us a light at the end of the tunnel. It’s time for a positive attitude from someone somewhere. Kate Brown is a follower and not a leader.


My last comment was supposed to go on another article. I apologize but meant every word I said.


Just a reminder: There is no vaccine, there are no viable treatment options for those that get in trouble and testing is progressing at a snails pace, so there are very few (none?)reliable studies that would show how many have had it and recovered. There are also no studies that prove immunity for those that have had it.....these things take time.
I believe it’s prudent to be cautious given that over 50,000 people have already died in the US. At the moment there isn’t much to go on, as far as the end of the tunnel goes.....unless you think this virus will magically disappear this summer. Most educated people understand that idea to be unlikely.....


Tagup I love your typical left comment at the end. “Most educated people understand”. People on the left all seem to think conservatives are hillbillies with no thought process or education. Guess what you are wrong. I have close people in health care and I have asked lots of questions and studied a lot of statistics. A slow open where there is little to no cases of the virus is not a bad idea. Being broke and losing hope is worse to some people than the virus.


Your generalization of how “all” people on the left think is interesting...I can only speak for myself.
......please tell me what in my post was “wrong”? Surely you don’t believe that this virus will just disappear over the credible sources expect that outcome....


Tagup what I have issues with in your post and most like it is the negativity you project. We have counties in this state that are ready to open. They have few cases and no deaths. Why should they be penalized for LA, Seattle or New York. We have a very unresponsive and confused Governor in this state that is hurting people that can go back to work in selected areas and go on with their lives. I’m sick and tired of elected officials who think they are more important than the people that elected them on both sides. It’s a beautiful day out and I’m going back to work.


My apologies if my post was interpreted as overly negative....
That was not my intention....I have a high level of confidence that (in time) a vaccine will be developed that will put this pandemic in the rear view mirror. We in the US are lucky to have the best epidemiologists and lab facilities on the planet. We have heroic front line health care workers that are risking their lives everyday fighting for people, against a virus that at the moment has no cure or treatment. These men and women are the Marine Corp of the health care community.
I also don’t agree with all of the political decisions in this state or nationally but in this case, our Governor was correct to err on the side of caution ( in my opinion).
I also want to re-open society as soon as possible, but with the current state of testing and knowledge about the enemy, it’s hard to justify additional death for the sake of business ( again in my opinion).
You are correct that 5-6 far eastern Oregon counties have no COVID reports.....I believe that is more likely a result of a lack a testing than having no virus in the community..
There are areas of the economy where it may make sense to loosen the regulations, but I would much rather go to slow than to fast.....
Take care, and be well....

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