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Shaw criticized for voters' pamphlet error in run for Oregon HD24

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Can someone explain the material difference between the two statements? Aren't all degrees granted by colleges within universities granted by the university?


Good question bonnybedlam. Hopefully someone can explain it to both of us.

Does Shaw's omission amount to fraud? Maybe in the letter of the law, but what about in the spirit of the law?

I wonder if we really need (or for that matter want) someone representing us that misses such a simple clarifying point like what school did you actually go to?! I know it does not seem like much of an omission, but if there was an intent to deceive and right now that's a pretty big if...

To be frank, I did not realize Ron Noble was running opposed, as that Law Man turned State Republican Legislator has a pretty good grip on his district and contrary to Shaw's view, has actually represented his constituents in a way that the majority seem to approve of. Maybe Shaw knows something we don't know and in the end the voters will side with her? That is if she is still on the slate for the November Election and not in the pokey?

Is she guilty? Let's leave that up to the professionals and their requested investigation to determine if an actual crime was carried out by Ms. Shaw and then, if whether or not the State will even bother to prosecute it... If Brad Barry's office of District Attorney has anything to do with it, she'll probably get a plea bargained slap on the wrist

Lastly, from her own Facebook page, Shaw posts that "I'm in this race to win it..." I hope not at any costs! Otherwise this omission could end up being an expensive mistake.

P.S. When did the Editors of the NR endorse Noble? I must of missed that too...


According to her statement, she doesn't actually have a degree at all. The other articles also say she has no degree. This looks to be a misprint from the News Register.

Jeb Bladine

Hibb: The newspaper endorsement of Ron Noble appeared in the Sept. 25 issue.

Oregonian: You are correct about the missprint in this story as relates to the college degree. We have corrected the online story here to accurately reflect the candidate's explanation.