By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Rate hike OK’d for Waste Management

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After filling Riverbend with out of county garbage for years, ratepayers now get to subsidize Waste Management’s increased hauling costs . How about we tie increased rates to the number of pollution violations ?....probably not enough “predictability” for Ms Berschauer/ Waste Management if we did that.


Because you'd ultimately have to pay even more for another contractor when WM pulls out?


Not necessarily....recology (for instance) handles garbage for a large portion of the county already....and rates obviously need to be approved by the county. There are plenty of other options.

Angela Flood

Am I the only person who finds it egocentric for the county to remove term limits? Are the elected so full of themselves they feel there is no one who could do the job equally, or better, than themselves? The ordinance was passed for a reason. If the elected person feels they have something to contribute, they should apply to a position in the department. Not rule it without yield. Or would that be beneath them? Supporters of those elected should see this as a dig...they don't know anyone who could do the job except themselves.