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Hearing planned on proposed flour mill

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I think it’s a unique idea. With our commissioners leader they would rather approve a marijuana grow or a pot shop instead of something innovative like this. Friends of Yamhill County and 1,000 friends of Oregon need to keep their nose out of it. At least it’s not another vineyard with a winery attached.


Who doesn't like fresh-baked bread?


How is a business to grind and bake the produce of a wheat field more commercially scary than a huge, busy tasting room/restaurant and event venue with loud concerts again? And yes, baking is connected to wheat growing. Duh


I think the “farm stand” is the point of contention.....

David S. Wall

Here are a few issues for your consideration.

" The land use watchdog groups object to the inclusion of commercial activities in conjunction with the farm. They argue that baking bread is not directly related to processing farm crops, and should not be allowed."

The Wolves & People "Farmhouse Brewery" set-up shop approximately four years ago. The Friends of Yamhill County objected.

Wolves argued the same premises as does the owners of the would be flour mill. The Yamhill County Planning Department, the Planning Commission and the Board of Commissioners all agreed, Wolves was an allowable use of Exclusive Farm Use (EFU) Land; justifying "hazel-nuts" and fruits from a backyard fruit tree were acceptable farm products to justify Wolves operation.

The Wolves issue was argued before the Land Use Board of Appeals and finally the Appellate Division. Wolves lost the argument in both venues as the "Farmhouse Brewery" was "... not directly related to processing farm crops, and should not be allowed."

Currently, Wolves is asking the County for another hearing on the issue. No one knows how much taxpayer dollars has been wasted on the Wolves issue as the meter is still running.

Now the funding issue for the flour-mill is presented for your consideration.

"Bram Yoffie and partner Wesley Stoller received a $25,000 startup grant from Yamhill County earlier this year."

You may view the Board order here:

Grants 4. Approval of accepting the following Grant Review Sub-Committee recommendations and review of applicants for the funding of the 2019 Yamhill County Economic Development Community Start-up Grant Program: a. B.O. 20-39 - Chatanika Farms – $25,000

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David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Post #2

The "Grant Program" an issue.

The "Grant program" is operated by a Non-profit SEDCOR, the contract can be seen here: [start at Page 2]

The Grant Program has two (2) groups whose membership is very hard (if not impossible) to find.

The Groups are: "The Economic Advisory Committee (EDAC)" and the "Grant Review Sub-Committee."

The identities of the members of EDAC and the Sub-Committee should be posted on the Yamhill County Webpage pertaining to Economic Development. But, they are not so posted. Good-luck finding them.

SEDCOR in my opinion, is an enormous waste of taxpayer money and from a taxpayer's point of view; appointments to EDAC and the Sub-committee is fraught with "the skullduggery associated with political appointments."

Whether it is a "Farmhouse Brewery" or a "Flour Mill" the salient issue, "Are these commercial entities subservient to farm operations or is it the other way around?"

Winery Tasting Rooms ("Farmhouse Breweries and Cider Houses") have morphed into "Roadhouse Bars" ever since the legislature permitted them to sell "hard-alcohol."

Some have restaurants, gift-shops and like other commercial entities ("Farmhouse Breweries" and Flour Mills) all requiring parking-lots and business-related infrastructure which consumes more farm land.

Where does this all end?

The commercialization of farm land and the development of rural areas to support these functions is only going to continue until Yamhill County resembles Portland.

The Planning Department, the Planning Commission and the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners are not going to cease the development.

David S. Wall

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