By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

DEQ fines Riverbend $17,400, points to ‘recurring problem’

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Makes one wonder why a repeat pollution offender was given an additional 15 year contract with the county for a reduced cost. Would love to hear those fiscal conservatives on the commission justify that’s some predictability....I predict that the landfill never takes any more local garbage & the leachate release problem will continue for decades.


Makes one wonder why the DEQ is “sponsoring” this long lasting pollution offender. $ 17,400 is a laughable fine.


Why are we constantly bowing and scraping to Waste Management--a company that wouldn't hesitate to sell your grandmother down the river for a cool $5 profit.


Get ready for it . . . leaves the door open for a future County Commission to approve expansion? Some farmers apparently have rights and some don't.