By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

County faces hard questions under new court order

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I expect that when he is released from the hospital, a judge will order that Mr Tomblesome will be issued an AR-15, a dozen 30 round clips and a case of ammunition.


Releasing this man into the public is exactly what R's want. It will scare everyone into buying a gun and even promote their idea of "law and order" by making us believe the only solution is martial law. I can see the banners over 3rd St right now: "Q Believes Fear and Terror breeds safety"


D's are the folks who favor martial law and totalitarianism. They have already outsourced the censorship and thought policing to Facebook, Twitter and other social media. Most Rs now favor heavily armed anarchy. We don't need F-15s and nuclear weapons to prevail against the D's.


Chill on the projecting. Go watch Ted Lasso.


Facebook and twitter are private entities. Try posting something critical of trump on truth social if you want to see censorship in action.

Bill B

Why are you all making this a "D" and "R" issue?