By Nicole Montesano • Staff Writer • 

Clerk reports that recall signatures short by 323

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Remember the Kate Brown Recall?......“Due to an arbitrary and cynical change in the law by the Democrat supermajority-run state Legislature between the 2019 recall and the one in 2020, the ability to freely download and pre-print ePetition sheets to provide to voters was severely reduced. This made it much more difficult for thousands of businesses and individuals to conveniently provide signature sheets to Oregon voters to exercise their state constitutional right to sign the petition.”

“The campaign also faced totally unnecessary and legally questionable rule changes towards the end of signature gathering from the state Elections Division that required all the petition sheets to be renumbered, a requirement that the Elections Division refused to put in writing. This cost hundreds of man-hours at a critical time in the campaign and at a time that it could afford it least.” -KGW News


I think this will embolden the 2nd recall effort even more. The votes are there by a comfortable margin to get a recall. Think about this,'s really quite a special thing to actually get enough votes to do a recall. It doesn't happen too often in America. Even for governors...only 3 times since 2003 has a recall effort had enough votes to satisfy the 57 recall efforts to get a special election. Those against the recall can take some comfort in that it appears LB will not resign...she will run again in February.