By Dora Totoian • Of The News-Register • 

Chenoweth focuses on business, policing, housing in second bid for office

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Chenoweth is a questionable candidate and one that probably has links to the Mary Starrett movement, which is determined to promote conservative candidates that Ms. Starrett approves of. Her backing should make every voter in Yamhill County to take note and decide if we really want little mary starretts running around the county.

Chenoweth's past is not indicative of who we need as Councilor, as he would be apparently compromised in representing a cross-cut of the citizenry of Mac due to his purported racism indirectly/directly towards other ethnicities and religious groups. While it is his second time around, I do NOT think Mac is ready for his kind of leadership.

I would like to hear more from the Navy Veteran, Lisa McCracken, before the final decision is cast.