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Berschauer calls on YCAP to reinstate Starrett and issue apology

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Starrett had no place inviting the public to a closed meeting. Outsiders dropping in like this and dropping in facilities and where youth gather are not appropriate. Let them do their work without bureaucrats breathing down their necks. Put it back in your pants, alphas!


This has the appearance of a set-up.
Create a pissing match between the YCAP board & county commission, then the Commission will use the conflict to reallocate county funds to allies in Newberg.


Demanding an apology is a sure sign of a weak public figure.


A couple of thoughts Lindsay. First, Mary Starrett is no "blessing" to this County. Mary Starrett only has one interest, Mary Starrett. For you to believe otherwise only underscores your complete disconnect from reality. Second, do not ever reference Ted Lopusyznski and the likes of yourself and Mary in the same letter/conversation. It's likely you never met, and certainly never worked with Ted. Ted served as a Commissioned Officer in the United States Marine Corps. He saw combat action in Vietnam. Ted was a tremendous leader for our County for many, many years. He knew how to LEAD and foster partnerships, both locally and at the state level. This is something that neither you nor Mary have ever learned and seem unable to even comprehend how to go about it. The evil and corruption began to infiltrate the County when Ted left the Board of Commissioners. He knew how to bring people together. He respected and had true compassion for the citizens and the employees of the County, and thus people had tremendous respect for him. He was a true leader and I'm certain that he would not come close to embracing nor supporting the antics that you and Mary have chosen to employ during your time as Commissioners. You and your political cronies seem to be unable to understand the type of leadership that Ted represented. You and Mary will never come close to being the same type of leader that Ted was. This County could most certainly use a Ted Lopusyznski about now! I can promise you he wouldn't pull the type of tricks that Mary and yourself do on a regular basis.


Good points Spartan. Ted would also have told the farmers who opposed the trail they were wrong and had to focus on what was good for the county, not their fear of having people near their property.


No, Lindsay it is Mary that should be apologizing. Her time has come to and end here.

Steve Pearson

Berschauer threatening to defund YCAP is really too much. I think Starrett deserves credit for the work she has done for YCAP, but everything I’ve heard from Executive Director Ball sounds right. When the commissioners stated YCAP charter required one of them be one the Board I thought they would have reach some compromise; but this wasn’t even true.
As for Starrett being a blessing to Yamhill County, I happened to drive from Yamhill to Carlton today, on 47, and was reminded how she and Berschauer killed the Yamhelas trail. This would have provided kids a safe path to bike back & forth between the towns. Taking that away was, to me, unforgivable.
We will continue to support YCAP, they have done so much good for Yamhill County.


The ED of YCAP is, by many accounts, extraordinarily controlling and is not open to hearing feedback or providing transparency. This is not the type of person who should run an organization running largely on public funds. Mary is an ideologue with little concern for community, service, or compromise. There is no good side in this battle. YCAP should be funded, but needs a new Director. The county should provide equitable, effective, and efficient services, under the direction of Commissioners who care about serving their community. What we need is change - actual leadership.


"The county should provide equitable, effective, and efficient services, under the direction of Commissioners who care about serving their community. What we need is change - actual leadership."

The BOC is a duly elected body.

I don't think the instant issue is much on the minds of voters.

If anything, I expect this little bruhaha supports the BOC.

But reveals problems with existing YCAP leadership.


Starrett’s insubordinate behavior that created this conflict is not leadership, and does nothing to promote confidence in the BOC. It would be great to remember the people that are affected by withholding funds.


I appreciated Spartan's comments about Commissioner Ted Lopuszynski. I felt he was an excellent county commissioner for the reasons stated. I also thought Rob Johnstone proved to be an excellent county commissioner. The two could not have been farther apart politically, but they always seemed to have the best interests of Yamhill County at heart. The good old days, I suppose.


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