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News-Register Policy for Readers Comments

Only registered subscribers can post Reader Comments on

Registration must include the subscriber's real name and email address. Real Names are required on posts by public officials commenting on issues related to their public duties. Real Names are required on campaign-related posts by declared candidates for public office, their family members and campaign staff.

Rights to comment on the forum may be withheld for posting abusive language, hate speech, libelous statements or unsubstantiated accusations of illegal activity; using false or duplicative registration identities; hiding significant conflicts of interest behind anonymity; seeking to identify participants who are using “Screen Names;” creating personal conflicts with other forum participants; excessive domination of forum discussions; and using the forum for continuous, repetitive criticism or advocacy. The News-Register may identify an anonymous forum participant in response to a legal subpoena.

We welcome participation in the online forum, but please be respectful of others and constructive with opinions. Comments are not pre-screened, and may be edited or deleted for violation of forum policies. Readers submitting comments give the News-Register rights of re-publication in any medium.

Complaints should be directed to Editor-in-Chief Ossie Bladine at



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