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Why can't we see the comments on this particular article?

Ilsa Perse

Wrong! Brief was filed on time. Court has the authority to grant petitioners of a "timely filed" brief up to ONE WEEK to submit a shorter brief. Very disappointed that there wasn't some fact checking done prior to printing this story.

Very good, I would think the majority of McMinnville's citizens would be happy with this.
Riley Sanders


It is unlawful for any government agency, be it federal, state or local to advertise, promote, organize or transport people to an event that is religious in theme. In 2013, FFRF sent a letter to the Portland School District similar to the one sent to McMinnville. The District responded by withdrawing all of the Portland choirs from performing at the Grotto.


In a recent discussion with other parents that are concerned for our children downtown, someone stated that McMinnville does not require drug testing when considering this group of people for services. In other communities and Portland drug testing is mandatory before receiving services. Is this true? Unfortunately things have gotten so bad that I have made the personal commitment to call non emergency police when I see bad behavior related to drugs or violence. Something must be done.


I know of no legal basis for any Oregon city to make drug testing a condition for receipt of medical or social service assistance. And in my experience, Portland is even more enabling than McMinnville in its approach.

Testing can and often is made a condition of parole, probation or post-prison supervision, and a good percentage of the local homeless have some sort of law enforcement history.

But all a failed test does is get the subject some additional jail time, after which he or she typically returns to both the streets and the drugs, in my experience. Law enforcement is a blunt instrument that plays a necessary role, mainly in protecting others, but is never going to make any significant contribution to solving homelessness.



Re: Chinese recycling ban not interfering, yet
Not yet the rates haven't gone up but as sure as it rains in Oregon the will. I was touring the West Rock paper mill that has shut. On the tour the guide stopped to tell us that the plastic six pack rings, tin cans, plastic bags amount other things we saw coming off a conveyor were items coming from co-mingled paper they were recieving that day. I found out that "co-mingled" paper that was at West Rock had to "RE-RECYCLE" costing the company $1 million a year. Plastic bags could get bound up and stop the paper machines. Now the Chinese are complaining about the same thing.
Although it hasn't effected the gargage rates in did effect those who worked West Rock, those businesses that sold items to the company and of course the mom n pop business where these workers shopped n eat at. This effect for for them is so sad.
Every paper mill in the Northwest that has closed due to these ridiculous trade agreements has dismantled and shipped there machines overseas and are now online produeing paper. Every worker effected by these closures received trade assistance form the federal government.
We all say how important the environment is to us we simply have to do better.
One more thing, West Rock had a Cogen plant where they burnt creosol treated wood in the boilers to produce electricity with minimum effect on the air quality. Now these logs are going to go to the landfill to rot away and pollute. Like the rain in Oregon the rates for landfills will go up but it won't be as high a price than those who lost their jobs.
Mike Sullivan

The residents at McMinnville Manor MHP would like to thank the Fire Department and the Red Cross for all of their help and think it was a wonderful program that they had. Just knowing that they are a little safer is a big relief.


pulicname, guess are comments were erased?


Oh by the way, Tina mistook me for who she thought I was.


One of the problems that occurs when there isn’t notification or even transparency from our local Police Departments after an attack, is there can be inaccurate reporting, or, even worse, none at all. I have now heard of several recent attacks in McMinnville, but, until this attack on Ms. Spurgeon, I presume I have either missed the reports, there were no attacks, or there have been few if any reports made. In the event I simply missed the reports, I have corrected my lack of attention to Social Media and actually ordered the newspaper instead of expecting to just hear accurate and timely news within our community. I respect our officers, detectives and those closely involved in solving this horrible attack and figure they must keep much of the info ‘close to the vest’ but, I believe many of our citizens still feel that more prompt and accurate reporting on these attacks are necessary for us to keep OUR families safe as well.
Thank you for the priveledge of commenting.
Be safe everyone. Be aware of your surroundings, and PRAY this SOB gets caught!


RIP, Ginger, Mrs McLeod

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