By Starla Pointer • Staff Writer • 

Mac High tops 90 percent graduation rate

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I think that rate is a little misleading. I know of several kids who have skipped almost an entire school year and then were offered alternative options and graduate months ahead of students who attend school everyday and work hard to achieve a diploma. I guess it isn’t so much about the ‘kids falling through the cracks’ as it is about the high rate to look impressive.


Vwittrock I couldn’t agree more.


90% does not sound like something to brag about. That leaves 10% without even a high school diploma. What kind of future is that? Sounds like food stamps and Section 8 housing.


Watered down diplomas doesn’t equate to employable adults for family wage jobs. Hopefully soon we'll have some representation on the Board that is solution based learning driven over administrator awards and accolades.

The Russell dictatorship could step aside for collaboration & ingenuity any day now... Until then, I’m hopeful that soon we’ll ditch the rubber stamps & start asking the hard questions in those non transparent board meetings. You know, For The Kids….


Scooter you summed it up for my exact feelings.

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