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Commissioners approve diversity training

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Many thanks to those that took the time to address the Commissioners and call them out for their own need to take this training and educate themselves.

I want to add that I would never vote for Lindsay Berschauer who I thought was also from Newberg (not Carlton).


Good grief, the basic lack of understanding of "white privilege" by Starrett and Olson is terribly dismaying, but Berchauer's comment that "requiring white people to learn about white privilege might violate their Constitutional rights" is outrageously offensive.


I must have misplaced my white privilege.

David S. Wall

"...and county budget committee member Lindsay Berschauer of Carlton, who has been campaigning this summer for a run at the commissioner seat held by Olson.

Berschauer suggested that requiring white people to learn about white privilege might violate their Constitutional rights. She said the county should instead “streamline harassment and discrimination training” for all employees."

On Thursday, August 14, 2019 Ms. Berschauer addressed the "Whites only" Parkway Committee concerning the expansion of the Newberg-Dundee By-Pass. She advocated enlisting the relatives of deceased vehicular accidents that have occurred this year on McKay Road to give their testimonies for the need to fund the By-Pass extension.
Ms. Berschauer commented (the legislators) would be inclined to vote for funding the By-Pass if (the Legislators) could see the families of the victims.

Personally, the mere thought of subjecting the relatives of the deceased as "theatrical props" for the furtherance of any agenda is inappropriate and abhorrent.

How Ms. Berschauer received an appointment to the Yamhill County Budget Committee is a function of Commissioner Starrett's putsch to integrate a fellow "Whitey" Board Director of YCAP into County funding decisions. A "pox" on both of their political careers. Commissioner Olson created an imbroglio via the appointment of Ms. Berschauer (much to his chagrin).

The number of fatalities on McKay Road was not discussed at the Parkway Committee. It is my understanding that (14) people have been lost to date.
Pray for their families and the eternally peaceful repose of the departed souls.

I wouldn't give Ms. Berschauer the time of day let alone "vote" or "appoint" for her for any governmental position.

David S. Wall


I unfortunately could not attend the City Council meeting that this topic was discussed in. However, upon reading these comments I am deeply disheartened about the ability and perspective of those who are in positions of leadership in this county. Their comments and attitudes towards diversity show a lack of understanding and additionally shows their true nature. It is unfortunate that they seem ignorant as to the how society is in the present day. They seem to be living in their own world that appears to be locked in the 1950's. I for one will not be voting for them. We need the County Commissioners, all county and city officials to take this training as there appears to be a great disconnect as to what is decent and moral. Again I am deeply disappointed with the attitudes of so called leaders in our County.


RECALL Mary Starrett is warranted based on this 100% and the fact she recruited Berschauer to the Budget committee knowing she was on YCAP, the government position with Newberg and running for Commissioner (yes she's even made a campaign contribution already)



Take deep breath, Stella. None of your charges against Commissioner Starrett warrant her recall from office. You may disagree with her decissions, but your demand for a recall comes across as just an overwrought temper tantrum.

Lindsay Berschauer

I appreciate all of the feedback. Diversity of thought and healthy debate is always a good thing. The article accurately reflects my suggestion to the Commission that they analyze all diversity training and streamline the curriculum over all county departments. I have concerns that the language used in this particular curriculum is racially charged and political bias will inevitably be present, which when made mandatory does violate protected classes. As someone who grew up in the outskirts of Phoenix, less than 20 miles from the Gila River Indian Reservation, I was raised in a very diverse community. Native Americans from the Pima and Maricopa tribes lived and worked and raised their families in the community, as did a large percentage of Hispanic and Latino families. My values growing up were as much informed by my Christian faith as they were by these families. They were our friends and neighbors. Many Hispanic and Latino families were successful business owners. Arizona back then still had quite a few farms (at least where I grew up) and many families were land owners and farmers/ranchers. A large part of my education centered on learning about the history of the Mohave and Navajo people, their values, their views on family structure. I'm thankful I was raised in such a diverse community. I remember commenting when I moved to Oregon after college, that this state is surprisingly homogenous when it comes to race. It seemed a bit unusual to me. I say this because Commissioner Olson expressed frustration toward the end of the comment period that his background was disregarded. That someone's values are absolutely informed by their upbringing and that laying a broad-brush stroke over everyone with a particular color of skin isn't fair. As I pointed out to Commissioner Kulla, my biggest concern is that there is inherent bias in this curriculum, regardless of someone's upbringing, values, faith, gender, or sexual orientation.

Lindsay Berschauer

Hi David, thanks for your feedback. It is widely known that you are not happy with past land use decisions that have affected your property. With regard to the Bypass, it is and will remain a top goal of this county to get the Bypass completed. The number of deaths occurring on McKay road is appalling, and should absolutely be front and center in the discussion around the need for urgency in getting this done. How many more lives will be lost before our elected officials prioritize this? I drive that road all of the time with my son. I also used to live off of Wilsonville Road and understand fully the danger that exists on those roads. My family has experienced tragedy in the past with car accidents and if they were asked to come advocate for better road safety and be part of that demand, you better believe they would participate. It's not worth another family losing a loved one. This section of road in particular has an alarming rate of vehicular deaths. Sensationalizing my comments doesn't help anything. We need to fix this problem.



You seem to be the only one having a temper tantrum. The elderly lady I talked with at the grocery store was as disgusted as I was and it was her suggestion for a recall .... I simply jumped on board and mentioned it here


A swing and a miss, Stella.


Lindsay, I think the bypass is already outdated before it’s even built! With growth patterns and lack of freeway access for corporations I think that’s what we need - a 6 lane freeway that basically replaces 99W from Eugene to McMinnville and at McMinnville follows the 47 corridor crosses Columbia and joins at Longview. If we are destined for Southern California like overpopulation we need to accommodate.



You appear to be the only one swinging lol

Lindsay Berschauer

A quick google search and it appears David Wall had every right to be "unhappy" about a bar in his neighborhood. That very poor decision by the County was remanded by Luba recently 👍


Anybody shouting “RECALL” (twice in the same post) is swinging for something, Stella.


Imagine if you will trying to design an effective training to increase workplace safety and reduce workplace accidents that was not "injury charged". Just like workplace safety, workplace diversity knows no political bias. Trying to conduct diversity training without mentioning racism would be like trying to conduct workplace safety training without mentioning workplace accidents and injuries. The challenge lies in finding the right way to discuss these sensitive topics. Finding the right way starts with really caring.

David S. Wall

"Lindsay Berschauer: Hi David, thanks for your feedback. It is widely known that you are not happy with past land use decisions that have affected your property. "

You are correct. The Land Use decisions affecting not only my property but also that of several of my neighbors took approximately two years to adjudicate. Thankfully, the "Friends of Yamhill County" took over the case and prevailed at the Land Use Board of Appeals (LUBA).

What is even more disturbing is your lack of experience and or incompetence as a Yamhill County Budget Committee Member to not have accurately accounted for the total amount of taxpayer dollars wasted on LUBA Case # 2018-144, which has been "REMANDED" back to the County.

The "REMAND" is permitted to have a "Judicial Review" and whether the "County" and or the "Intervenor Respondent" will pursue the matter further is unlikely. If the "REMAND" is pursued, it will "cost" the taxpayers even more money. [I haven't checked the Appellate Division's filings as the date of this post (08.22.19)].

There are additional LUBA cases which were also "REMANDED" and these costs should have also been accounted for and mechanisms suggested as to not "waste" additional taxpayer monies.[Looks like the "Budget Committee" is asleep.]

And you are campaigning for the Yamhill County Board of Commissioners Position #2?

You will need a lot more than good luck and the $500 given to your campaign by Mary Starrett's alleged husband's business (R.A.F. Enterprises LLC...which shares the same address as Mary Starrett.) prevail.

David S. Wall



Swinging = a response to a call for "recall" with a "temper tantrum" accusation and... you missed 🙃


Stella, your shouting for “RECALL”, and my personal opinion of your public demand, are both worth exactly the same (since neither one will make any difference to anybody). But thanks for trying.

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