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Bonamici addresses supportive Mac crowd

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Bonamici: these are all just talking points delivered to the Statists by their communications experts. The reality is her attendees were clearly just rubber stamping what they have been fed as well.
Statists never demanded transparency from Obama and they never got it. The tables turn ever so quickly when the "other side" (Constitutionalists) gets their time.
I truly don't believe there is truth in Susan's cry for better working opportunities for the working class, better opportunities for seniors and schools; she just stands for more than power to the NEA and more government jobs. Government does not create income, it just takes so there is only one way to do that and that's more taxation. Of the middle class.
There are serious errors in every one of her talking points but since there was no substance,only nice sounding words, we do not know how any of her plans are supposed to come to pass except through growing government programs.
Trump's appointees will all do a better job with true statistical outcomes than anything that ever happened under Obama's socialist agenda, but that will likely not be reported by the Statist media, because they are in the lie as well.
I hope that people find a better source of information, true facts, than ABC, (MS)NBC, CBS, NPR, NYtimes, etc.
We will all be better off.
The Utopia which Statists believe in is a ruse, and if it came to fruition there would be a lot of sorrow. They want elites to tell everyone what to think and how to act. If we don't cowtow, citizens will get hurt or killed. That's where it has historically ended.
Less government (keep it Constitutional), more freedom is the answer.

Don Dix

From the article -- "When asked about protecting the environment, Bonamici said she and other members of Congress are trying to convince colleagues that climate change is real and humans contribute to it."

No, actually the left is trying to 'convince colleagues' (that climate change is real). And no one argues about the reality of climate change -- the Earth's climate has been in constant change since inception.

Cleverly, Bonamici didn't address the left's so-called solution -- open your wallet wide and we (the left) will lower the thermostat -- so, just where is that thermostat, up Al Gore's more than ample ass?