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Zero Waste sets council forum

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Good Lord, I thought these guys had got our plastic bags and left town. I don't even want to know what's next on their agenda...


Joel it looks to me like the tree huggers are on the war path again. They will probably want us to sort our garbage and have it inspected before we have to haul it off ourselves.


Right, because reducing our waste stream is such a bad thing...


I have no problem reducing waste. We have been recycling for years. I still don’t like the way this group snuck up and put a bag ban on the city with no say by the citizens that live here. Forcing stores to charge for a bag even though many don’t want to is a Mafia move. Like Joel said what’s next on their agenda? Makes you nervous as a community.

Don Dix

Your right to choose is a fleeting option. Oregon has positioned itself as a 'nanny state', which provides cover and supports just about any of the numerous ideas to thwart the individual choice. Oregon wants to take care of you, whether you ask or not.

In Utah (and other states), it is unlawful to collect rainwater for future use. Utah uses the premise that the rainwater that falls on your property does not belong to you, but to the state. When will they come for the air you breathe?

Locally, the council candidates are 'requested' to address a special interest issue. And special interests seem to overwhelm the normal business of any governing body, as if they are more important.

A quick look at ordinances and laws passed by government the last 30 years reveals they are heavily weighted toward special interests, usually without ballot results. it's all about control -- of you!


Don you are 100% right. Special interest groups also under the guise of environmentalists have ruined fishing and logging in this state and are on the path to destruct farming and ranching.

Chris Chenoweth

Don and Jim there is a choice this year for City Council that will not be beholden to any special interest in voting for or against Ordinances. He is hometown guy who simply wants to see McMinnville be McMinnville and is tired of "bubble" politics being played at the local level. I is he :). If you want change that is aligned with free market principles and constitutional rights then you got an option if you are in Ward 1. I will defend life, liberty and your individual rights.

Chris Chenoweth

Oh and yes I will be speaking at this forum and look forward to it.

Don Dix

Sorry Chris, not my ward, but I do like your approach. Implementing it against the current makeup of the council might be a challenge, but if your campaign is successful, it would be a fresh breath that is sorely needed.

Jim -- the enviros should also be called out for the devastating forest fires experienced lately. Forests need management -- clearing out underbrush, in this case. Without the ground level fuel, those fires would be much easier to control. But the environmental lobby has virtually stopped any forest cleanup -- before AND after fires. It's on their head, in my opinion.

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