By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

Wolfe aggravated murder charge argued

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Christmas has Talons

I wonder if Kate Brown met some of the evil, worthless waste of breaths she has advocated for in a more personal setting if she'd think the same way? She might not be as generous if it were who family members murdered by them. It's always different when it's personal.


Of course it’s different when it’s personal. You’re missing the entire point of a civilized society. The very reason we have a justice system with rules and standards based on laws passed by elected majorities is that we do NOT think it’s a good idea to leave the administration of justice to the personal feelings of victims or people like you.


Rump, ask how that cold, "civilized" impartiality worked for Michael Dukakis' political campaign in his response to whether he would still support the death penalty had his wife, Kitty, been raped and murdered.

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