Susan Sokol Blosser - Wine was only the beginning

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I have tasted cheap wine and I have tasted expensive wine,red and white and what I discovered is that wine is just wine,the name and label on the bottle is the only difference,I proved that point to myself and my friends by making my own,I have made red,blackberry,cranberry,blackberry-cranberry and apricot,regular mead,blackberry mead and strawberry mead,never had a bad batch and every drop enjoyed,most people don't realize just how easy it is to make yourself,and how rewarding it is to take that first sip and say DAMN this is good,for the price of one expensive bottle you can make 5 gallons,not trying to dis the wineries but homemade,it's a good thing!


I agree with you listen*up. Like many other things in today's world, labels on clothes, wine and cars among other items are a status symbol that tell the world "look at me!" If the wineries can get the big bucks for a bottle of their wine then hooray for them. As for me Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe's ain't that bad either.


I once had a bartender friend bet me that I couldn't taste the difference between a glass of Johnnie Walker Red Label and another of Johnnie Walker Black Label. I told her I'd do her one better and SMELL the difference. I won a fat glass of the Red neat for doing so.

Wine, like Scotch whisky, is nuanced. One can enjoy it without picking it apart but one can also have great fun by parsing a glass, noting its subtle aromas, hues and characteristics on the palate. The great thing is that wine truly is for everybody.

One of the most wonderful things I've ever experienced was a glass of 1972 Chateau Haut-Brion Bordeaux. I suspect that most self-winemakers would be hard-pressed to recreate that oenological nirvana at home. Not dissing you, listen*up, just saying... :-)


Trafik,you knew ahead of time what you would be tasting and you had a preconceived idea because of the name and year that it would be wonderful,I bet if the wine had been replaced with another without your knowledge you would be saying the same thing,not dissing you,just saying :-)

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