By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Rivergate architect faces tough room

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One hundred units of townhomes on a 28 acre site, where 25% of the site is available for qualifying residential development. Works out to 7 acres for 100 townhomes averaging 1,000 square feet per unit, or about 14.25 townhome units per acre. Where's the violation of law or cause of right here? A collection of four and two unit townhome buildings on a mixed use campus surrounded by landscape buffers and parking.

I'm sorry, but if folks want to live in the country surrounded by empty acreage they should not expect other landowners to provide that for them free of charge. And if all of us expect to be able to preserve rural farm lands from development we have to accept that the urban lots designated for that development will be developed.


I was in Mac earlier today and 3rd Street was so crowded I thought I was in a suburb and then I drove home to Newberg and there was a train of cars the whole way back. Then later back to my parents in Dayton. I’m just hoping for that wine grape aphid or that leaf hopper from back east to infest this area and destroy the wine industry. So all the masses scamper on back to California where they belong!


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