By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Reserves tapped to cover $1.3M in unforeseen costs

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Interesting to see a budget crisis that includes new positions. That generally doesn’t happen in the real world. The county seems to use the same logic.

Don Dix

The budget hole ($1.8M) was filled before 2023 was over by the '$13 fee' ($2.1M collected annually) added to W & L bills. Wouldn't that $1.2M (approximately) be helpful? - or is it already spent or spoken for? In what 'account' does that surplus appear? Somebody knows!

Bill B

Just can't help thinking that the term "Tax and Spend" fits the current philosophy of many on this committee.


Tagup- completely agree that thinking of adding 2 new positions when faced with a budget crisis seems counterintuitive. C'mon city counsel... you can do better! Find way to cut costs- not add them.

Bill B

Check out ""

Don Dix

Let's also not 'forget' that the RB Rubber property purchase is costing the city $20K per month interest -- another expensive budget burden -- with no From the article --predictable sunset. Didn't see that mentioned in the budget woes.

From the article --Menke said. “I would just like to see us do something that would get us a little bit ahead for a change.” How about curtailing spending -- that might help.

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