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Private schools seek permission to open for in-person instruction

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And, the nightly virus swap meet in Portland continues apace.


Let the private schools open. If the parents and the schools acknowledge the risk, let them have school. They receive no public funding and the children receive a great education. Let them make the decision.


This is not an issue for individual choice. If private schools reopen and, if any students there get COVID, it will be taken out into the community. Get real, people: we are in this together. We will get through this. But let us not forget to do anything and everything possible to show respect for others and help to end this scourge. By the way, thank you, Casey.


I believe every school was expecting to reopen to in-person learning and then our numbers completely changed, which caused the new guidelines. There was no official goalposts in early summer. Based on the current goalposts, schools would be back to in-person learning if our numbers were as low as they were in early summer. We have had more cases in our county in the last couple of weeks than the previous few months.


Let the private schools do an "outdoor" school on their campus for September and October. Maybe by November everyone can meet the latest guidelines and go back into the building. The elected officials have this "all or nothing" approach. There are many ways to get creative. My son did a summer camp that hosted hundreds of kids all summer with no Covid outbreak. They stayed in one small group all week with the same kids, had no large group gatherings, and did common sense things like this and those kids made wonderful memories.


jonjohnson: Really?! Let them make the decision?! If people were qualified to make such important decisions then why did "we" need to be told (ordered) to wear a mask, stay home, etc...? And why is it a good idea or even fair that private schools be allowed to have contact once again, thus enabling the further spread of the virus. Virtual school is good enough for now, at least until we can get past this hurdle of inconvenience.


It is time that Yamhill County voters exercise some common sense and vote Mary Starrett off of the Board of Commissioners. This particular case illustrates how far she will go to promote her personal agenda. This interceding on behalf of private schools is so over the top. One wonders if she has any children or grandchildren in private school that might benefit from this or if she is just doing it for a select few of her donors? C'mon Mary - you can do better in representing the people of Yamhill County and not just those of privilege, especially white privilege!

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