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Post office rally in Mac draws dozens

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The USPS is a government agency. It may be different than the standard government agency because it operates like a business, but it’s Uncle Sam’s business. And since it is "Uncle Sam's business" it is dependent on the government to guide and manage its practices. If the current Post Master General sees a better way to go in order to deliver the mail in a timely, cost-effective manner, then so be it and if Congress and the White House see something amiss, they can correct it through proper channels and not be reliant upon impotent protests from lawn chairs.


Hibb: who elects the leadership of this "government" you are referring to? Are these people not entitled to voice their discontent with a policy or practice of government that impairs the functioning of an essential service that they pay for through their tax dollars? In fact, just days ago the Democratic-led House of Representatives attempted to "correct [the Postal Service] through proper channels" by passing a bill that would "reverse operational changes at the U.S. Postal Service made since the start of the year and to provide the agency $25 billion to help sustain service levels through the COVID-19 pandemic."

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has said that the Senate will not take up the legislation. Republican President Donald Trump has said he would veto such legislation to prevent the expansion of mail-in voting.

Supporting change through "proper channels" over "lawn chair" protests sounds very reasonable until you account for what government leadership is actually doing, and why they are doing it. Hobbling an essential function of government to improve the prospects of the governing party ahead of a hotly contested national election is exactly the sort of event that warrants protest.


aesquire: Thanks for sharing your opinion, a right citizens still have in this country to a certain degree.

I never said they could not protest, but what I did say was that their protest would lead to nothing and they would be more effective in their efforts if they actually took the time to make phone calls, write letters, and start a movement within the walls of our government. Even you have taken a basic first step by writing your opinion in the local newspaper's digital edition.

As for protesting, however, I would like to say that like the "sue-happy" culture we have developed for ourselves, so too are we having to endure a "protest-happy" mindset that at the drop of a hat starts waiving their placard and chanting their nonsensical chants. The true impotence in this is when we do nothing other than just complain. It is time for all Americans to be proactive.

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