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Our nod goes to Alexandria in county treasurer's race

Sometimes, it’s easy to assess a field of political hopefuls.

Perhaps one candidate casts a longwe shadow over the rest, making it a clear call. Or perhaps none seems palatable, giving you the urge to write in Santa Claus or Mother Teresa.

This year’s Yamhill County treasurer’s race is different, and not in a bad way. In a decidedly good way, in fact.

All three candidates are richly endowed with academic and real-world credentials. All three would, we believe, pick up Mike Green’s mantle without missing a beat.

That makes it a difficult decision, so we don’t begrudge anyone who opts otherwise. But based on background research and interviews via videoconferencing software, we’ve decided to cast our lot with Paulette Alexandria.

Rival candidate Kris Bledsoe has extensive experience on the election trail. She ran for county commissioner in 2010, laid the groundwork for another run in 2016 before bowing out, and challenged Mike Nearman in the House District 23 Republican primary in 2016.

Alexandria’s only previous foray was a successful run for a Marion County Soil & Water Conservation seat some years back. But she has an impressive background in business and finance, including a term collaborating with Green through the Yamhill County Investment Advisory Committee.

She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in business administration. She’s served as an investment consultant and adviser with Citigroup and Smith Barney. She’s taught statistics, marketing, labor law and management at three colleges. Currently overseeing a horse ranching operation outside Carlton, she’s also served as administrative manager with The Oregonian.

Alexandria is a certified public funds investment manager She is licensed to sell securities, life insurance and real estate. And she has experience with credit counseling.

She prepared herself for treasurer’s office service by joining the Public Treasurers Association and earning its investment license. That impressed us, as did her intent to mount a serious and visible campaign, unlike her opponents.

Alexandria has more experience that Katie St. Ores, who is early in her career, and more recent experience than Bledsoe, who veered to other pursuits before settling into retirement.

What’s more, she is outgoing, energetic and personable. In our estimation, her exuberant style would make her the best networker and collaborator.

The job is part time and has only one function — managing the county’s very conservative $50 million investment portfolio. So it would not prevent any of the candidates from continuing current pursuits.

Green has displayed a steady hand, so the office is in good shape. And though he has endorsed Bledsoe, he has worked with all three candidates, suggesting a smooth transition regardless of who wins.

The race is non-partisan. It will be decided in the May 19 primary if one of the candidates draws a majority of the vote. Otherwise, the two top vote-getters will advance to a November runoff.

We think the treasurer’s office will end up in good hands no matter which of the three prevails. However, we give our nod to Alexandria. We feel she has the most going for her overall.


Christmas has Talons

Poor girl, a nod from this rag is the kiss of death. Please take it back.

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