By Asia Alvarez Zeller • Of the News-Register • 

Observing ICE at the courthouse

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I'm glad to hear that these "observers" are being thoughtful and careful in their approach. It's probably somewhat of a fine line between what they are doing and committing the crime of obstruction of justice.
I think I probably speak for the vast silent mojority in our Country when I say that I am very grateful for the brave men and women of ICE who get up every morning and put on the uniform and risk their own well being to enforce the laws of our Country and keep us all safe. A big thanks and God bless to each of them!


If you are here on a legal status ,fine, ICE risks there lives to protect the citizens of this country.


Illegal is illegal, build a wall and have more diverse immigrants not just the California variety coming in. And these leftists need to go back home to the San Francisco Bay Area.


Last I checked California is part of the United States.....


Tagup California acts like they don’t want to be part of this country. They seem to think the rules are for everybody but them. They as a state kinda remind me of a spoiled three year old child.


“California acts like they....”

A generalization that big is hard to take guess is that there are plenty of California born farmers/ ranchers that might disagree with your characterization....


Tagup I know ranchers and farmers from California and most of them would love to detach the Northern half from the morons in the Southern half.


Jim, it’s the ones who are on the coast. They are so liberal white white “progressive” with rainbow flags and other ridiculous signages to tolerance and diversity. But yet no diversity is to be seen anywhere in their highfalutin enclaves. They’re almost 100% white because who could actually afford to live their rich lifestyles? And meanwhile they have their mostly illegal alien “slaves” living inland doing the “work nobody else wants to do.” It reminds me of Portlanders and you even see some in McMinnville with those stupid “in our America” diversity signs in their front lawns. They’re hypocrites.


The ACLU is hypocritical organization that is the single greatest threat to our country.

So cute those volunteers.


I worked with ranchers and farmers my last five years in California and what Jim said is true. Very conservative for the most part. California is a diverse state of beauty and opportunity and it's being destroyed by the left. Brown was a horrible governor and Newsom is worse. The whole left coast is being destroyed by Southern CA, San Francisco, Eugene, Portland and Seattle. We're told to respect others opinions but when those of us don't believe what they do the race card is tossed out over and over again. It's sickening and getting pretty old.

I say let some of these bleeding hearts strap on a backpack, pick a country and head on over to cross the border with no food, water or supplies and demand that they be taken care of in every manner and see how that flies.


Finch, these liberal progressives are the worst kind of hypocrites. I was recently on a work trip in Santa Cruz and was taken aback by a church that had all these banners like saying we should worship the environment. But yet I bet these same types have some kind of high paying job and they also want mass inflow of illegal immigrants. Isn’t having overpopulation bad for the environment they do worship? I went to a coffee in Newberg a few months ago and those liberals were praising the Oregon land use system even though most weren’t even FROM Oregon. And I had to point out the irony of the environmental destruction the wine industry has brought and they everyone was drinking coffee that was flown half way across the world. These liberals are total hypocrites!


The ACLU ......”is the single greatest threat to our country”

Really?....Seems like there are bigger fish to fry....


I am fast becoming one who is ashamed to say I am from McMinnville. What is with the hatred that permeates these comments? Can cross burning be next? I don’t know what religion many of these commenters are but I am thankful my God would shed tears reading the vitriol that is expressed here.


This isn't a simple moral issue. There are 195 nations on earth. Millions and millions of people from five countries (Mexico and four in Central America) are cutting in front of others. I can't blame them but I've known far too many legal immigrants that waited years to get here to think illegal immigrants necessarily have the moral high ground. Until a major root cause is addressed, drug & human trafficking, this will be an issue.

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