By Scott Unger • Of the News-Register • 

Neighbors angered over traffic ‘hooligans’

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The loud popping, backfiring muffler noises are WAY too common all over McMinnville.


Isn't hwy 99 a state highway and isn't there a state law concerning noisy cars? Can McMinnville police this or must it be State Patrol?

Local Yokel

Traffic flows on Evans is already terrible. Adding that many more stop signs would further complicate it. There are some seriously ridiculous drivers though. In 1 drive down West 2nd, my son and I watched an impatient driver pass another driver that was already going slightly over the posted speed. Minutes later, we watched a distracted driver nearly collide with a stopped vehicle, in a school zone and then go around them on the SIDEWALK to avoid the collision. While I get wanting more enforcement, some common sense must come into play here too. There is a massive lack of that!


I recall a NR article a few months ago that reported the Mac police were going to “ crackdown “ on speed violations. I wondered at the time if that was an idle threat. Some follow-up would have been nice. My thought at the time was it would be similar to the “crackdown” of fireworks last year….officers on overtime & 2 citations.
I live near the stretch of Hill Rd between Wallace & Baker Creek…. It’s a race track most days, and I can’t recall a traffic stop ever in that area. Enforcement means citations … that’s how behavior gets changed.


Yep...we have someone in our own NE neighborhood that has a straight pipe exhaust system that sounds like gunfire.

That guy sucks.

I'd also like to mention a safety issue in our area of Mac. Unexplainably, there's small sections of street without sidewalks on one side.

Why was that never built out?

Dan Tucholsky

This ORS applies:

ORS 815.025
Causing unreasonable noise with vehicle

A person commits the offense of causing unreasonable noise with a vehicle if the person operates upon any highway any motor vehicle so as to cause any greater noise or sound than is reasonably necessary for the proper operation of the vehicle.

(2)The offense described in this section, causing unreasonable noise with a vehicle, is a Class D traffic violation.

Bill B

Very little traffic enforcement in Mac. When was the last time you saw a vehicle pulled over here?

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