By Jodie DeJonge • Managing Editor • 

McMinnville's Third Street to 'spill out' on summer weekends

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What a very cool idea!

McMinnville resident

Sounds like a great idea. Why not give it a shot. Anyone looking into a dome for the raining season or am I getting carried away????


Please, no. It's going to screw up traffic from the bypass.


An example of looking for opportunities in times of crisis. I'm glad to see this initiative moving forward. The outdoor dining experience found in many European cities is a feature many locals and tourists enjoy. I've often wondered why McMinnville and other U.S. cities have not adopted this practice on a more widespread basis. If this initiative proves viable from the perspective of local business owners and citizens, I would recommend another measure: Reduce NE 3rd Street in the downtown core area to one lane/one way - while retaining vehicle parking - and expanding sidewalks on both sides to better accommodate outside seating and pedestrian foot traffic. The sidewalks in this area are in generally poor condition and need replacement. Seek funding through federal and state sources with remaining shortfall funded via public bond initiative (subject to voter approval) and possible private fund raising. Let's do this!


I love the idea. It will be nice to have all the outdoor dining options.


I love the idea. I Have traveled to many cities that have been doing this for many years. " Think Big, but start small". MP- I agree with you and also this may take longer, but changing 3rd street to one lane, one way traffic is a great idea. Keep the sidewalks and parking.


Sounds like a plan.


What about keeping the event free from the homeless population? While I support the homeless, I'd also prefer to eat my meal without having to hear, see or smell them. Talk about ruining the mood...

It's great to support the Downtown Association by frequenting it's stores and this will be a big plus. And while we as a community support these retailers of our community, I wonder how will these retailers "pay it forward" in support of the community they live in? Maybe a small percentage of the sales can be contributed to a local non-profit that works with adults,children, seniors, the homeless, etc...?!

We the community have a right, privilege and duty to support the community in all of it's various forms. The retailers can be supported by us... The people in need have need of the retailers support... And the people in need can in some way, form or fashion give back to the community.

If we neglect one part of our community we endanger all of the community. So let's do this - but do it right!!!


What a fabulous idea.

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