By Paul Daquilante • Staff Writer • 

McMinnville police say 'over and out' to scanner access, add encryption

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Bill B

I totally understand and agree with the decision to move to encrypted communication. However, there needs to be a means for residents to be alerted to crimes and other incidents in their neighborhoods. YamCoWatch did a great job of keeping citizens up to date on what was happening. Many followers provided additional information on incidents. Without that monitoring, most of the crime here would go unreported and that’s not a good thing. Oh sure, we can read about some incidents a few days later in the News Register and we can access, but their information is extremely limited.
Many small towns include a police blotter as part of the local paper. I can only surmise that the News Register is as much in the dark as the rest of us when it comes to police activities here. There is also a service know as NIXLE. A free subscription service, it allows police to post and alert subscribers of incidents (e.g. crimes, accidents, street closures).


Unfortunately the even bigger issue here is that Mac PD just took themselves one step farther in disconnecting themselves from the other agencies in the county. Several steps backward in the efforts over the years for interoperability between agencies. Mac drank the Motorola kool-aid and now the only way for the other agencies to have interop with Mac is to spend hundreds of thousands with Motorola. BTW, it is a joke for anyone to think that getting a "discount" on Motorola equipment that is proprietary and incredibly overpriced to begin with is somehow a good deal. You will now have multiple agencies once again responding to, or driving right by, an incident without being able to talk to each other.


Yamco watch should NEVER have allowed comments! Say what needs to be said, and leave it at that. Instead of the keyboard warriors adding unnecessary information! It was a GREAT way to plot my daily travel, if there was a back up, or an accident. Or even a high speed chase in my area. It was great information, and THAT, I will miss!!!!


At a time when people are questioning the militarization of police forces nationwide, the chief using a military phrase like "boots on the ground" seems kind of tone deaf.

Matt Scales

Madmacs... That was YamCo watch who used that phrase, apology accepted.


Matt Scales: Lo Siento! I would delete if I could, I misread the article.


So much for transparency. Posting any kind of redacted summary after the fact isn't the same at all. In fact, it's a joke. I want to know why there are sirens outside my home right now. They would not entertain the idea of giving a vetted third party a way in. Yamco Watch never released names or specific information. How sad.

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