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McMinnville looks at adding second urban renewal district

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David S. Wall

Dateline: City Desk [Tuesday, (01.09.24)] McMinnville's goofy staff et al. propose second URD.

An 'Urban Renewal District (URD)' can be a useful tool if used by competent decision makers to encourage and facilitate economic development. However, an URD can easily become an insidious debt machine if incompetent decision makers are in charge. [Who saddled the FY2022-2023 budget deficit as a 'Fee increase' upon the taxpayers? Will the GENERAL FUND be used to pay all costs incurred for the 'Request for Proposal'? If yes, is yet another 'Fee increase' or the threats of service-cuts in the works?]

City officials' reference reliance on citizen committee(s) recommended decisions as justification for the need for a RFP to see if addition of a second URD is viable. *[Are Committee(s) usually comprised of appointed sycophants-some with significant conflicts of interests?]

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David S. Wall

David S. Wall

Post #2
An Urban Renewal District (URD) is a form of 'gambling with the taxpayer's money.' City officials routinely trumpet grandiose but illusory promises of future wealth to city coffers arising from future (illusory) revenues generated by the URD. Who really profits from the URD-Developers, business owners, McMinnville's highly paid Executive staff or taxpayers?

What is the current Debt of the first URD incurred as of today's obligation(s)? What is the Debt Service? Does the Debt Service include paying down the principal or just the interest on the debt or a combination of both principal and debt service?

What happens when bad economic times descend upon the city and the URD cannot make its financial obligations? Does the URD has it's guarantor in the GENERAL FUND to pay the debts incurred?

The aforementioned alleged testimonies set forth in the NR to support a second URD, is analogous to city officials et al. persuading the taxpayers, a soiled urinal cake is really a unique mint flavored cookie.

David S. Wall

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