By Tom Henderson • Staff Writer • 

Mayor outlines state of the city

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Christmas has Talons

Unfortunately the Mayor has a council member actively working against McMinnville being able to build any objects to changing the UGB. While the Mayor may have good intentions Sal is running around supporting and working for and with the League of conservation Voters and radical environmental group. While hardworking Oregonians were expressing their concern and lack of support for Kate Brown and her policies affecting jobs and families Sal was schmoozing legislators at the capital to continue their attack on blue collar and middle class Oregonians through Cap and Trade.

Thank you Mayor for listening to the concerns of McMinnville's citizens and those of the doers not just the talkers like Lindsay and Heidi.


No Mr Mayor, change isn't scary. Your vision of endless rows of tract housing and bumper to bumper traffic is whats scary.
It may fill your tax coffers and generate building fees for you and your friends at city hall.... but it destroys our town.


Why is the News Register giving Lindsay Berschauer so much free press?


"Outside forces"? I think not. You tried to use care facilities as your personal cash cow, and I don't need a lawn sign to realize that fact. Those extra fees would be passed along to the residents.




That’s the problem Lulu...the care center mgt is taking advantage of taxpayers by using 911 services at low or no cost. Services they should already be providing....then they threaten to pass along costs for expenses that should already be covered with correct staffing....

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